Dongguan Astronaut in Space


In the early hours of October 17, the mother Huang Yan, her son Li Bo and his family were staring nervously at their TV while watching the launch of the manned spaceflight Shenzhou 11. It was Huang’s son and Li’s younger brother, Li Dong, who was about to be sent into space. Huang told local media that she hasn’t seen her son for four years and Li hasn’t seen his brother for seven years. Working in a hospital in Dongguan, Li publically expressed his wishes to the media: “Now, we don’t really have a formal family portrait, but I hope that he can finish all the tasks in these 33 days and come back safely. Then we will take a good picture together.” Born in Henan Province in 1978, astronaut Li Dong was enrolled into the P.L.A. in 1997. After six years of training, he was qualified to fly to space for the first time.