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An Old Man’s Special Hobby

62-year-old He Kuiming became an online celebrity for always challenging himself with extreme sports. He fell in love with bungee jumping the first time he tried in 2009. After practicing at South China Mall a few times, he did a 45 m jump at Guangzhou’s Baiyun Mountain the next year. He signed all the papers and prepared to die, but he made it to loud cheers. During the following six years, he tried all the bungee jumping and free fall machines he could find around China. On September 23, 2013, he stayed in a 60-meter-high free fall machine at South China Mall for five hours, jumping 108 times. He now sees extreme sports, such as spinning and sleeping upside down, as a healthy regimen. They do seem to have a positive effect on him. His hair has grown back and he no longer experiences carsickness. He says he feels 26 again. (Via news.timedg.com)

Vicious Cycle Strikes Humen Town

A man disguised himself as a police officer and pulled over motorcycles and took money in Humen, Dongguan. The case went to trial on October 17. On December 22, 2015, the man surnamed Gao from Henan Province and his friends stopped a motorbike in Humen’s Huaide Community. Using fake police uniforms and certificates, Gao detained the motorbike. On the same night, they stopped another two victims and took 350 RMB from them. Two days later, Gao used the same trick and stole another 300 RMB in Humen’s Beizhan Community. However, one victim, Mr. Yang, robbed two nights before, ran into Gao and suspected that they were not real police. So, Yang captured Gao and reported them to police. Gao was arrested later that night. In court, Gao confessed to his crime and spoke of a similar experience where someone had cheated him using the same tactics. He worked at a construction site and someone who claimed to be police took his motorbike. He realized it was a lie when he went to police station and asked for it back. He felt angry and sought out revenge on other people. (Via Guangzhou Daily)

Customized Bus Service

According to the Dongguan Bus Company, future bus riders will be able to book buses in advance online and go to any destination in Guangdong. The service will be provided by the blue buses, which are already running around different towns and will use new energy resources like natural gas and electricity. The idea is that an online platform will be set up for people to book buses and immediately pay the fares. Blue buses will work out a route and time schedule based on all the online reservations relying on latest information processing technology. This way, people will wait less and be able to go to places outside of the regular bus routes. Right now, the project is still under investigation and the exact timetable for opening is uncertain. The service is designed to be available across Guangdong and suitable for daily commutes, group trips and migration during holidays and seasonal breaks. (Nanfang Daily)

A Heart-Broken Burglar

In Henan’s capital, Zhengzhou, a 44-year-old man broke into a young lady’s bedroom and raped her. After he satisfied his physical needs, he asked for mental consolation, too. On an early morning in June, the man raped and forced the girl to talk to him about his failed relationship. When she didn’t respond in time or said something he didn’t like to hear, he beat her. After half an hour of “spiritual talking,” he took her iPhone, 500 RMB and left. The man was arrested four days later. It turned out that he had robbed eight other places since May. (Via news.sina.com.cn)


Teenager’s Cruel Working Experience

A 15-year-old boy from Hunan Province ran away from home, but couldn’t stand the harsh conditions working in a factory in Dongguan and went back home. On October 12, the boy, surnamed Liu, took his ID card and 280 RMB and left for school. He snuck out from the school and took a train to Guangzhou, hoping to find a job with a 3000 RMB salary, so he could buy himself a smartphone. Instead, he was approached by a man who claimed he was able to find him a job. They visited a job agent in Guangzhou and then Liu was bound for Chang’an Town, where the agent found him a factory job making plastic products. Working repeatedly for 12 hours a day, eating meatless canteen food and sleeping right beside a toilet, Liu forced himself to keep going for the 10 RMB/hour wage. Finally, he called his mom using a stranger’s phone (his roommates refused to lend him theirs) in a cyber café. When his mother called the agent to recover Liu’s ID card, they charged them 500 RMB, including the commission for the man in Guangzhou, Liu’s daily necessities and the bus fee to travel from Guangzhou to Dongguan. As for the reason why Liu came to Guangzhou, although he never admitted it, his parents guessed it must be due to their refusal to buy him a cellphone. (news.sohu.com)