ShangRun Pottery

off the beaten path1Evolving from a utilitarian container to now elegantly decorating designer homes, pottery has come a long way. Stretching many centuries back in Chinese history, countless skillfully crafted pieces are found throughout the world. In recent years, Chinese pottery has once again found its way into mainstream appreciation, so now is the perfect time to try to make a pot or two of your own.

Shangrun Pottery, located on the second floor in V Park Mall in Dongcheng, will help you find your creativity in this traditional art form by offering a wide variety of classes from basic pottery techniques and mold making to decorative carving and firing. The high concentration and detailing required during the pottery-making process is a pure demonstration of artistry and meditation. This studio is particularly dedicated to showcasing the finest Nixing pottery of Guangxi. This unique type of pottery is notable for its purple clay (most places use red or white), which is naturally polished and eternally preserved with a tea extract.

Address: 2/F in V Park Dongcheng
上润陶茶: 东城大道V Park二楼