New Experiences at Songshan Lake’s Hyatt


In September, a brand new Japanese restaurant, The Teppanroom, will be added to Hyatt Regency Dongguan’s collection of dining options. Imbued a certain elegance and combining an alluring mixture of Western and Japanese-styled settings, guests will watch as tableside chefs transform market-fresh ingredients into delicious dishes on the teppanyaki grill. The Teppanroom is designed as cozy, yet refined counter-style space that seats up to 28 guests around the grill table.

Meanwhile, the renovation work in Lobby Lounge has been completed, offering a brand new resting spot that’s both appropriate for professional hotel guests and casual walk-ins. Half of the Lounge has evolved into a more relaxing environment with all kinds of coffee and afternoon tea sets. The Lobby Lounge has been redesigned to attract outside guests in a modern and welcoming setting at prices similar to other coffee shops.