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Young Man Is Sacrificed for Justice
A 20 year-old man was stabbed to death by a thief whom he had stopped in the act near Hongfu Road. At 10:30 pm on August 9, fresh graduate Wang Wang from Henan Province was walking to a bus stop at the crossroads of Hongfu Road and Guantai Road, after a late dinner with his colleague. On the way, he saw a man steal a phone from a pedestrian without their noticing. He then went up to the man, stopped him and started to argue with him. During the quarrel the phone was dropped. Soon after, the thief’s partner came up and separated them, but as Wang left the scene, the thief stabbed him from behind. In the chaos, the thieves picked up the phone and ran away. Wang died in the hospital at around 2 am. The incident gained wide attention and Wang’s family recieved 1 million RMB in total compensation from the Shenzhen Tongxin Charity’s Chairman and Board Chairman. They also were given 80,000 RMB from the Dongguan government. (Via epaper.oeeee.com)

Stolen Bike Surprisingly Returned
On August 1, a YTO Express deliveryman, Qiu Jin, had his electric bike and all the packages he was carrying stolen during a delivery, which would cost Qiu several months’ salary. Qiu’s regular customer, Ms. Xiao, had always appreciated the disabled young man’s hard work and integrity. So, when she found out about his misfortune, she decided to post a message about it on her WeChat account to collect money for him to buy a new one. Within a few hours, she had collected about 2,000 RMB in donations from her friends. Later, on August 3, Qiu got a phone call from his co-worker that claimed his bike had been found. Apparently the thief took the parcels and left the bike by the roadside, which then was spotted by the co-worker. Qiu returned all the money back to Ms. Xiao. (Via news.timedg.com)

Better Water Source On The Way
The Dongjiang River has always been Dongguan’s major water source. But after five years, better quality fresh water from the Xijiang River will now supply Dongguan, Shenzhen and Nansha of Guangzhou. The first environmental evaluation of the “west to east water transmission project” has also been publicized for review. According to the plan, Xijiang water in Shunde’s Longjiang Town will be transferred east, arriving in Nansha at the first stop. Then it will cross the Shizi Channel and finally land in Dongguan’s Songshan Lake and Shenzhen. The dedicated water pipe will be 92 km in length with 80 m3/s water flow. Xijiang’s water flow is expected to be 25 times more reliable than the heavily developed Dongjiang River, which already supplies water to Dongguan, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. (Via news.sznews.com)

Horrible Father Sells His Children
A man surnamed Ning brought a homeless women to his home, kept her for 10 years, had six children and sold four of them while the other two died. He was finally arrested in July by Chaling County People’s Procuratorate of Hunan Province for children trafficking. In 2006, Ning, a 64-year-old divorcee, found a mentally disabled woman picking up leftover food at a local market. He lured her home with him and kept her there for 10 years without legally marrying her. In 2007, they had their first child together, but she died very young. In 2008, 2010 and 2015, they produced five more babies and Ning sold four of them for 800 RMB, 6,000 RMB, 14,000 RMB and 50,000 RMB, respectively, to villagers in the same county. (Via news.sina.com.cn)

DG Wins Big in Martial Arts
During the 5th Macau International Wushu Festival & Martial Arts Competition held, from August 15 to 18, the Dongguan delegation won six gold and two silver medals. Li Mei, Yao Sihua and Cai Wanghao from the Dongguan Taiji Association Qingxi Center attended the competition in broadsword and Taiji sword events. The Competition attracted players from across China and around the world. (Via news.timedg.com)