Anti-theft Group Official

0916_scene_anti-theft-group-turned-officialFor nearly 11 years, the private Dongguan Justice Anti-Theft Federation has risked their lives and caught no less than 3,000 thieves on the street. The Federation has been through its ups and downs, but they carry on, relying on the promise of justice. In August, the group finally got their license from the Dongguan Civil Affairs Bureau, becoming an official NGO.

About 100 people from various walks of life currently form the team. On a typical day out, Captain Long Si will post a meeting time and location on their QQ and WeChat group. Anyone who can join at that time and location will apply for the mission. Bicycle thieves are their major target. The group hides at crowded locations like Wal-Mart, One Mall and the Dongguan Library on Hongfu Road to wait for thieves to show up and catch them in the act.