China Splash August 2016


Report and Rewarded
In Hongmei Town, the government is determined to reduce the bad public behaviors such as spitting, illegal parking and advertising by rewarding any people that report such misgivings. On July 20, a mobilization meeting was held by volunteer representatives and released measures to reward citizens that reveal any bad behavior. For example, a person can take a picture of any illegally parked car, send it to the related department and get 10 RMB if it’s all confirmed. For any illegal advertising, it’s 50 RMB. These photos will be posted on the village’s bulletin board. (Via

No IV Ban for DG
Intravenous treatment is very common in China’s hospitals for illnesses ranging from flu to diarrhea, and mainly injecting antibiotics. Starting from July 1, 460 hospitals in Jiangsu Province banned all drip treatments with antibacterial medicines, following in the footsteps of An’hui, Zhejiang and Jiangxi. Dongguan chose not ban it in the near future, according to the Health Bureau. The city fears that since people have formed the habit to be treated with IV, it will be hard to ban it all of a sudden. Plus, it will affect the progress of recovery. According to Dongguan People’s Hospital, there are now limits on how many IV treatments and antibiotics can be used in every department and clinic, which are said to be monitored very closely and not exceeded. (Via

Dirty Pools Revealed
As the weather turns to scorching hot, people once again flock to nearby swimming pools for relief. Checking the water quality of these pools has become one of routine jobs for the Health Bureau each summer. In July, the bureau checked water from 220 swimming pools around the city and found that 80 percent of them passed the standards, but 45 pools had failed. Many favored spots for expats, such as Pullman, Tangla Dongguan and New Century Villa, are all fine. The ones that did not pass are mainly found in gyms, parks and gardens such as the Winnerway Jinfeng Sports Park, Donghu Garden (old Wal-Mart) and Guanyin Mountain Forest Park. Pools in New World Garden and Dynatown were not on the checklist this time around. (

Summer Job Scam
About 100 students from universities in Wuhan were shipped to Dongguan by an employment agency and left on the street without jobs. These students were gathered together through different agents in Wuhan and arrived in Dongkeng Town on July 8. They were told by a local agent that they were too late and the factory hired other people, while another factory offered them much lower wages. They felt they were scammed. Groups of four squeezed in the cheapest rooms they could find because their money had all been handed over to the agents. One student asked for help from a classmate who happened to intern in Dongguan. The classmate’s teacher then reported it to the local media. After investigators made a couple of phone calls to the local agent asking for an explanation, they agreed to introduce the students to much better jobs and reimburse their accommodation costs.

Quite An Expensive Tree
A truck driver was asked to pay 300,000 RMB in compensation for a branch of a tree that he broke off at a village in Guangzhou. On July 21, a driver with the surname Wu was still negotiating with the village’s Elderly Association, who claimed the tree was related to a good fengshui for the village and could never be broken. A week before, Wu had delivered goods to a buyer in Wuxi Village, at the Zhongluotan Town of Guangzhou. On the way back, he accidently damaged a branch of the 149-year-old ficus tree. Village security guards then locked his truck and asked for 300,000 RMB as compensation. He reported the matter to police, who said they couldn’t do anything, but ask the driver to talk to the villagers. Wu then reported this to his insurance company, who evaluated the price of the tree to be about 50,000 RMB. The township government also tried to convince the village to reduce the price. Wu said if the village insisted on the price, he would deal with it through a lawsuit. (Via