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More Doctors Needed
Dongguan will need to add at least 7,000 doctors in the next seven years to relieve the current shortage, especially for pediatricians. The city currently has 16,000 licensed doctors, or 1.9 doctors for every thousand residents, on average. According to the necessary standard for a strong sanitary city, which Dongguan is aiming to achieve by 2023, every thousand residents should be equipped with at least 2.8 doctors. On June 26, professionals celebrated China’s Medical Doctor Day where leaders from the Public Health Bureau visited doctors in different hospitals and found out that pediatricians are facing an unprecedented pressure with more and more children being born and living in the city every day.

Illegal Street Ads Coming to End
Illegal advertisements are seen everywhere: on the street, in bus stops, on electricity poles, on the ground and on trees and signs. For a long time, this has created a major headache for the City Management Bureau, noting that they always come back faster than they are removed. On June 21, the Bureau sent out a notice presenting a series of measures to deal with the unwanted ads. For any advertisements that contain contact phone numbers, once confirmed to be real, will be systematically suspended. The Bureau will work with the three major telecom carriers and give them the lists of phone numbers to be terminated. If any users have their numbers removed by mistake, they may appeal to the carriers, who will inform the Bureau to recheck the provided data. The Bureau will also set up an official billboard for people to legally post ads.

No Phones in Toilet
A hardware company in Fenggang doesn’t allow it’s workers to smoke or play on their phones in the toilet. Breaking company policy, one employee was caught squatting over the toilet with pants on and on the phone. A photo was taken of him for evidence. As a result, he was fined and given a serious demerit. Thinking the company’s punishment was too harsh, he complained to the Human Resources Bureau of Fenggang, other departments and local media. In response to media backlash, company spokesman, Ms. Ding, claimed forbidding smoking was to prevent fire and forbidding phone usage in the toilet is to keep workers from avoiding work. Their biggest mistake was taking picture for proof, which violates privacy. In the end, the company was made to pay a 2,000 RMB settlement to the employee. (Via

Oral English Contest
The city’s biggest and most widely covered English competition is now calling for entries. The 8th Oral English Competition, established in 2009, has attracted over 75,000 total entrants, with sections for primary, middle, high school, and adult. This year’s theme is “creative Dongguan.” Contestants will need to prepare thoughts, ideas and speeches in their own words about this topic. First place prizes for each section will receive 5,000 RMB or gifts of equal value. The most outstanding participants will be eligible to join a summer camp for international friendship cities, where they’ll represent Dongguan. The competition will take place in October and November.

Careless Parents Forgot Their Kids
Two women in the early morning became involved in a big argument and left their two children behind by mistake. At midnight on June 18, an old women and a younger woman had everything but kind words for the other at a bus stop in Qingxi. Video surveillance then showed the two women abruptly finishing the fight and walking away in two different directions. Their children were left at the bus stop, including one toddler crawling on the ground. Later, the kids were found and reported to local police. After arriving, the police brought them to a nearby station and gave them food and shelter while searching out their guardians. With the help of the station’s WeChat account, the parents were located and finally came to the station around 10 am. The two women who abandoned the kids were the grandma and mother. (Via