May Metro Opening


After six years in the making, the city’s first subway – Dongguan Metro Line 2, is scheduled to open May 28. Looking at the state of some of the exits in the city, workers might need to move a little faster if they are going to get the job done on time. The fare will be between two and eight RMB, depending on distance. Two RMB fares will take you a maximum of four kilometers, while four RMB will take you as far as 12 kilometers away. It costs 40 minutes to travel the full 37.8 km, taking in 15 stops, with 20 trains serving the line, at intervals of no more than seven minutes.

Running times have not been confirmed, but they should run for a minimum of 15 hours per day, possibly longer. Starting from Dongguan Railway Station (Shilong) and ending in Humen, Line 2 will be the only line that passes through both Dongcheng and Nancheng. Via Dongguan Railway Station, people can easily access Hong Kong. Via Humen Railway Station, people can either go to Guangzhou South or Shenzhen North to reach most major cities throughout the nation.