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Sperm Bank Welcomes Dongguan Men
In what could be great news for Dongguan men, a PRD sperm bank has opened. The Human Sperm Bank of Guangdong, in Guangzhou is now offering up to 5,500 RMB compensation to donors. Earlier this year, news that men in Shanghai were receiving 6,000 RMB in compensation for their sperm caused widespread attention. However, considering the transport costs involved, it was not such an exciting offer for Dongguan men. The new compensation scheme in Guangzhou was announced March 10, and people from outside Guangzhou and Foshan will even get an extra 100 RMB for transport costs, offered as part of the deal. It is believed that the loosening of the one child policy has created a sudden surge in demand. Qualified donors must be Chinese citizens, 20-45 years old, no shorter than 1.65 meters and without tattoos. For the moment, Chinese women wanting bi-racial children will have to go about business the old fashioned way.

Recycled Medical Waste
It was recently revealed that medical waste is being re-used and made into disposable tableware without first being disinfected. Medical waste including glass bottles, infusion tubes, medicine bottles, syringes, and needles were ground-up and added into raw materials to make disposable plastic cups for cold drinks, the transparent ones you may have drunk from drinking lemon tea. The female whistleblower who shed light on the matter, claimed that while recycling bottles and aluminum cans can pay several thousand RMB per month, recycling medical waste can bring in up to 30,000 RMB per month. A cleaning supervisor in a hospital stated that such waste is always sold to the highest bidder. Other than tableware, such waste can even be put into silk and inside cotton-padded coats. According to various laws, this kind of medical waste should be burned.

Dongguan Surgery
Every year, 800,000 to 1.2 million congenitally malformed children are born in China. Many of them live in dire poverty and do not have the money for simple surgery. In 2011, the Medical Aid Foundation for the Chinese Association of Plastics and Aesthetics was established to help children born like this as well as those who had injured themselves in, often serious, accidents. Last month, the foundation officially landed in Dongguan MYFUN Cosmetology Hospital and has already treated a young child called Xiao Yan, who suffered serious burns. People who have facial damage and scarring whose income are lower than the city’s minimum wage (1510 RMB per month) can apply for free surgery.

Illegal Publications
The government destroyed a large haul of fake, pirate and illegal publications in Dongcheng Cultural Square. The publications, including pornography, audio and video products, books and magazines were confiscated in a series of campaigns throughout the city last year. In 2015, officers from the Culture, Radio, Film, Television, Press and Publication Bureau shut down 422 illegal cybercafés, 20 pirate radio channels, 133 entertainment units and 27 arcade stores. They also closed 151 illegal bookstores, 50 DVD shops, and seven illegal satellite TV units. Over 2,300 computers, 79,000 audio and video products, 24,000 books, and 22,000 magazines were confiscated and destroyed. (

Smashing Phones in Class
A video showing a female student being forced repeatedly throw her mobile phone on to the ground until it smashed, went viral in April. A man’s voice in the video was heard shouting, “You have made your decision, you need to smash it!” The video was made in the finance department of Dongguan University of Technology, city college. The man in the video, teacher Jiang Jiaqiang had made a rule in his class: Anyone caught playing with their phones in class had to choose between failing the subject or smashing their phone. Once busted, the girl chose to destroy her phone. The school thought Jiang’s behavior was “improper” and asked his students if they wanted to change teacher. The students declined, but the school said they would probably ask Jiang to compensate the student. (Via