A bite of Local Culture: Taoheung


The bite-sized local treat, Dim sum, is certainly one of the must-try cuisines when new visitors come to Dongguan. Having dim sum is also called yum cha in Cantonese, meaning drinking tea. Traditionally dim sum is served in the morning as early as 5am with tea. It is said that due to the tropical weather in Southern China, people wake up early and seek an early breakfast. Today dim sum has become a relaxing brunch on weekends and holidays. Located in the Central Business District First International, Hong Kong brand Taoheung is one of the handful hot spots for dim sum, often seen queues waiting in early morning and during popular holidays.

Some classic and popular dim sum dishes from Taoheung are worth ordering every time, such as shrimp dumplings, a translucent delicacy filled with two to four shrimps; and turnip cake pan fried with XO sauce, the frying creating thin crunchy edges. Most dishes are sold from 10 RMB to 30 RMB. The menu also offers regular dishes such as fried noodles and steamed garlic oysters. Perhaps our favorite dish was the brilliantly named “BBQ-flavored wagon of the immortals”, which combined steamed chicken, crispy goose and barbeque pork, all of which had their unique sweet and savory flavors. Try the dan san, large fried folds of sweet dough that taste surprisingly similar to doughnuts. The restaurant offers decent value too, with our meal coming in at a modest 256 RMB for five people.

IMG_6611It’s worth noting that the small portion of dim sum means that you can break the rule about ordering the same number of dishes as the number of people. Usually, one person can indulge in three to four dishes depending on their size. As all dim sum are pre-made, it’s wise to order frequently as you go. Don’t worry they won’t run out.

The football-court-sized grand hall in Taoheung is often packed with locals, boisterously chatting and sipping tea. The place has got real atmosphere and I can confidentially say it is one of the finest dim sum restaurants in Dongguan. And I should know, I have been living in the city my whole life!

Find the restaurant here.