The Young Turks: Nazar


Restaurant Review: Nazar

For many, Turkish cuisine is amongst the finest in the world, and with a whole host of excellent eateries in Shenzhen and Guangzhou it was only a matter of time before Dongguan had an Ottoman outfit on its map. After a few teething problems, Nazar restaurant, situated outside Wanda plaza, Dongcheng, has finally found its stride.

On sitting down, we were immediately served a complimentary large Turkish flatbread, baked in the open-kitchen at the front of the house, alongside a tomato salad. The menu is extensive, having the full range of Turkish classics, and we plumped for a couple of kebab specialities: Lamb Shish (90 RMB) and Iskender (80 RMB). The lamb in the shish was cooked to a T, showing the very slightest traces of pink. Iskender poses more of a challenge, the lamb cooked on a spit over a long period of time can go a little dry as was the case here, but it was not a huge problem as an excellent yoghurt and a thick tomato sauce were on hand to lubricate proceedings. Both dishes were served with a side salad, rice, and bread made on the premises. The management now buy their cows and sheep live, in Dalingshan town, where they have them slaughtered on site to ensure quality and freshness.

IMG_5547To round off our meal and aid digestion, we were give a round of excellent Turkish tea, on the house.
For those that like entertainment when they eat, Nazar regularly has a gorgeous belly-dancer on hand, who undulates across the floor, mesmerizing many a male (and female) diner (Saturday nights). Belly dancing and lashings of meat: now who could complain about that?

Fine the restaurant here.