China Splash


Condom Battle

A battle between a Japanese and a Chinese condom manufacturer over who makes the world’s thinnest condoms has ended in a lawsuit. In September 2014, Guangzhou Daming United Rubber Products sued Japanese condom manufacturer, Okamoto, citing that the Guinness Book of World Records had verified that Daming makes the world’s thinnest latex condom (0.036 mm), some 0.002 mm thinner than the previous record set by Okamoto. Guangzhou Yuexiu Court ruled that Okamoto must stop advertising and pay Daming a token compensation of one RMB. (

Boob Job Death

A 25-year-old Dongguan model went to a Shenzhen cosmetology hospital to have cosmetic surgery on her breast, but died on the operating table on February 17. The girl, surnamed Huang, went for her operation at 10:30 in the morning. She finished two of her operations at 1pm. Half an hour later, she was given a general anesthesia for her breast enhancements, but by 2:30pm, her heart rate dropped to 42 beats per minute. Doctors gave her first aid but couldn’t save her and she stopped breathing at 4pm. The hospital said it was an anesthesia accident and that they will take full responsibility. The case is under investigation. (

Shenzhen Rave Drug Bust

Shenzhen police raided an underground rave party on the early morning of February 21. Of the 491 people investigated, 118 of them tested positive for drugs, mainly marijuana. The party took place under an overpass on Beihuan Ave, Nanshan District. According to media reports, 93 people were detained for drug use, 50 of them foreigners. Police also arrested two alleged foreign drug dealers in Shekou shortly after the raid. A man who attended the party told HERE!, “I was released after four hours and felt the police were more civil than police in the west, but people had different experiences. Some tested negative for drugs but were kept for long periods of time without being charged.” The party, named “The Real Deal Tunnel Rave Party” has been organized on a monthly basis for four years, inviting DJs, musicians, and video artists from around the world. (

Bad Mayor

The former party secretary of Dongguan, Vice Governor of Guangdong Province, Liu Zhigeng, was put under investigation for suspected serious discipline violations on February 4. Liu was the most powerful man in Dongguan from 2004 to 2011. According to local media, he allegedly became a key protector of the city’s sex industry. Since the prostitution crackdown in February 2014, the government had been collecting evidence of his purported crimes. Liu is perhaps best known in Dongguan for his ban of motorcycles and the breeding of pigs in the city, with thousands of motorcyclists and pig farmers aggrieved at his legislation. (

Blood Money

Guangdong law-makers drafted special provisions to better protect working females. Paid menstrual leave has been added to other leave periods such as pregnancy, childbirth, breast-feeding and the menopause. It stipulates that women who experience severe pain during their menstrual period (as certified by doctors) can get one day off per month. The draft was released in November for public feedback, which will be collected until December. However, research has shown many women are concerned as to whether it will really take effect, and that it is hugely inconvenient to get the necessary hospital certification. (