A Year In Review: Dongguan


The Year of the Goat was one in which Dongguan soared to ever higher heights, reaching several milestones lauded with national, as well as international acclaim.

Wins National Civilized Award
Dongguan won the most valuable among all city honors in China. This is the third successive year Dongguan was awarded the honor. The award heralded the city’s social order and government’s efforts in fighting crimes in the past months. which had been assessed after several secret visits by members of the Ministry of Public Security. It is an honor for cities that perform well in economic development, political stability and spiritual civilization

PRD: World’s Largest Urban Area
In January China’s Pearl River Delta became the world’s largest urban area. The World Bank announced that the Pearl River Delta has overtaken Tokyo as the world’s largest urban area in terms of both population and land area. Since 2015, the Pearl River Delta, including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and Dongguan, has 42 million inhabitants, a population larger than that of Argentina, Canada or Malaysia


Hosts Sudirman Cup
Dongguan successfully hosted the prestigious Sudirman Cup Badminton Tournament in May. The crowd had even more to cheer about when China won for the tenth time and the sixth consecutive time. China swept Japan 3-0 in a series of tightly contested matches during the final day of the tournament, with Chinese superstar Lin Dan winning his men’s single match against Japan’s Takuma Ueda 21-15, 21-13


First All-Robotic Workers in Factory
Robotic innovation has pushed productivity gains at Dongguan by 17%. This trend towards automation is exemplified by Shenzhen Evenwin Precision Technology, a manufacturing plant producing electronics, which has replaced 90% of its 1,800 employees with machines. Employees took on a new role — overseeing the robotic workforce. Guangdong announced that it would spend a further 943 billion yuan on robots within the next three years. ?


Alibaba Kick-Off Drone Program
Alibaba has been building the future of parcel delivery, food delivery and e-commerce. The world premiere of Alibaba’s drone delivery trial was held in Dongguan, Beijing and Shanghai. The drones were delivering packages for three consecutive days, serving 450 clients. This display of Chinese ingenuity and innovation comes as an unwelcome note for Amazon, which has been struggling with their own drone program

Dongguan’s Surge in Basketball
Besides a string of dominant performances by Dongguan’s local team “Guangdong Southern Tigers” in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), 2015 was also the year that China won over the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) to host the 2019 World Cup. Dongguan was chosen as an important location to entertain several high-level games for the tournament


Highest Producers in China
Guangdong’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) remained the largest in China in 2015 – according to the statistics of China’s 31 provincial Bureau of Statistics. However, for the first time since 2009 the PRD region’s economic growth outweighs the rest of the province (by a projected 0.4%). Experts assesssed that the restructuring in Dongguan and its surrounding cities have boosted an innovation-driven economy to take shape

Making the World Safer
The Guangdong Public Security Bureau and Dongguan police brought down an illegal online gambling ring that raked in billions of Yuan per month. Assets were seized valued at over 330 million Yuan and 1,071 suspects were arrested in what local police has described as the largest bust of its kind

Print China 2015
In April the 3rd Printing Technology Exhibition of China was held in Guangdong. The massive event attracted more than 1,300 exhibitors as well as between 120,000 to 180,000 visitors. Over 50 forum and technological seminars were held with executives of globally leading printer enterprises


KaungChi Cloud Milestone
KaungChi Cloud, a product of KuangChi Science’s city-level cloud space information platform, reached a significant milestone for urban space technology with its first commercial flight in Dongguan. The KuangChi Cloud can be best described as a low-flying satelitte which behaves as a portal through which users can access data processing centers, such as Wi-Fi coverage, ground monitoring and maritime data collection

The above-mentioned 10 highlights were sourced by looking at national and international news focused on Dongguan, using a big data analytics software (Quid Inc.) to extract highly mentioned or shared major events surrounding the city.