Skiing in the City

0116_SCENE_Skiing in the City

One of the world’s largest indoor ski parks is set to open in Dongguan city in 2017. The ski park is part of Minying Group’s ambitious MYHILLS projects, a 15 story hyper-mall to be built on Hongfu Road. Cooperating with Dutch brand SnowWorld, the park will be themed as an alpine safari, with an ice rink, a ski slope area, rock climbing and winter theme park. With Beijing hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics, the nation is eager to promote winter sports.
Minying Group has invested eight billion RMB in the wider project. The Dongguan International Trade Center, will include two office buildings, one apartment building, and an international hotel. The largest skyscraper is set to reach 398 meters, dwarfing the current highest building in the city, the Taiwan Businessmen Association tower.