Droplets of Weird and Wonderful Chinese News: China Splash


Dongguan Tuhao Wedding
A man took a plane to pick up his bride in Guizhou on December 22, with the stunt quickly going viral on the internet. The man drove from Dongguan to Shenzhen Airport and boarded an empty airplane from Capital Airline with his best man. The plane then flew to Guizhou’s Guiyang airport to pick up his bride and her bridesmaids. Later he arrived at the Pullman Hotel, Chang’an, driving a BMW S1000RR. Pullman staff confirmed that the man was born in Chang’an, Shatou Village and had spent one million RMB on the wedding, inviting 50 tables of friends and relatives from his hometown Chang’an. (Via Guangzhou Daily)

Ayi Serial Killer
A 45-year-old ayi was tried at Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court in a serial killing case, December 23. The suspect, He Tiandai from Shaoguan, Guangdong, killed 10 senior citizens under her care, from June 2013 to December 2014. She killed all of the victims using the same method, but wasn’t caught until the final murder. At around 4am, she fed her final victim soup laced with sleeping pills, before injecting her with insecticide. Finding that she was still alive some two hours later, she strangled her to death with a rope, the victim dying just before sunrise. However, the family noticed that the two earrings the lady had worn for 20 years were missing, as was her bankbook. They called police, who found 17 syringes and a bottle of insecticide in her luggage, as well as her earrings and a bankbook hidden in her bra. (Via Nanfang Metropolis Daily)
Domestic Violence Law
China has passed its first anti-domestic violence law, which will take effect on March 1, ending an era when police were virtually powerless to stop husbands beating their wives. Traditionally domestic violence in China has been seen as a family matter with police virtually powerless to intervene. The new law defines domestic violence as “physical, psychological and other harm inflicted by family members with beatings, restraint or forcible limits on physical liberty, recurring invectives and verbal threats.” If schools, hospitals, communities, social workers and other related organizations fail to report domestic violence they may also suffer sanctions. The law also set up a personal safety protection order, stipulating that the court must accept application and give judgment within 72 hours, or 24 hours in emergency. Other than legal family members, people living together are also covered by the law but, controversially, homosexuals are not. (Via news.qq.com)

Rapist Outwitted
A woman saved herself from being raped by telling her attacker that she was on her period, and was a virgin, in Shenzhen, Guangming, December 12. Ms Chen was stopped by a neighbor outside her home, who forced into her room, where he beat her and threatened to rape her. Chen pretending to obey lied saying it was her first time, and she was on her menstrual period. Telling the man she needed to take a shower first, Chen sneaked her cell phone into the shower and called her uncle, who in turn called the police. Police arrived and persuaded the man to let go of Chen, before arresting him. The woman was a great example of how staying calm and thinking on your feet can achieve positive results. (Via news.timedg.com)

Granny Stabbing Frenzy
A woman attempted to stab another to death over a dispute involving her husband, behind Dongguan Library on the evening of December 21. The 53 year old woman, surnamed Huang, rushed into a crowd of dancing woman, screaming, “shame on you, shame on you,” where she attacked a 42 year-old woman. As the two women fought against each other, the husband, honorably, tried to stop them. However, Huang quickly drew a vegetable knife from inside her coat and stabbed the woman in the head. She was soon subdued by the surrounding dancers, and the victim was sent to hospital, where she was treated for six wounds, leaving later that night. Huang was arrested at the scene and taken to the local police station for questioning. (Via Nanfang Metropolis Daily)

DG’s First Youth Hostel
Dongguan’s first ever youth hostel has opened on Xueyuan Road, Guangcheng. The 23 year old building was converted to a hostel by the Dongguan International Travel Agency. Board chairman, Chen Jikai designed the hostel himself and donated many of the personal effects he had collected on his travels throughout the world. These old cameras, typewriters, radios and other curios are displayed in two glass cabinets at the reception. With a meeting room, terrace, book bar, convenience to Metro Line 2, and competitive price it is surely only a matter of time before intrepid young backpackers looking for somewhere ‘off the map’ seek out Dongguan as one of southern China’s more hip and happening destinations. Move over Yangshou. (Via dg.southcn.com)