Chinese Holiday Dates 2016

0116_SCENE_Chinese Holiday Dates

The 2016 Chinese public holiday schedule has been released, setting down the arrangement for all public holidays for the year. Looking at the schedule, the luck for this year is just so-so. A seven day working period appears after the blessing of a seven day holiday. Well, no pain, no gain, right?

Spring Festival (CNY) – February 7 to 13: The biggest holiday of the year will start on the CNY’s eve like last year. The two working days are on Saturday (February 6) and Sunday (February 14), which makes Valentine’s Day a working day. But it won’t discourage lovers’ determination to celebrate anyway.

Qingming (Tomb-sweeping Festival) – April 2 to 4. The day falls on Monday, thus we get a lovely three-day weekend.

International Labor Day – April 30 to May 2. Again, the day falls on Sunday, meaning another sweet three-day weekend.

Dragon Boat Festival – June 9 to 11. Working day on Sunday (June 12).

Mid-Autumn Day – September 15 to 17. Working day on Sunday (September 18).

National Day – October 1 to 7. The two compensation working days are the entire following weekend (October 8 and 9), which means seven working days in a row (hurray!).