Charity Auction

0116_SCENE_Charity Auction

EtonHouse Charity auction raised 160,500 RMB for Treasures of Hope, December 11, treble the amount raised the previous year. Hina Patel, Principal of EtonHouse International School, who first introduced the auction, which is now in its third year, told HERE! “The kids knew it was for charity, the teachers did a whole thing on Christmas and it being a time for giving, they were taught that the money will go to children less privileged.” Adding, “We are super excited that the money is staying in the local community, the parents of the school are just awesome and get behind everything we do with full support.”

The art pieces themselves were created by teachers choosing a famous artist and creating a piece of art based on the art technique, or style. Each art piece was then collaboratively made by each class and the attendees of the auction received a booklet explaining how the art piece was made.