Droplets of Weird and Wonderful Chinese News: China Splash


Wife with No Name
A security guard surnamed Nong, met a schizophrenic woman while at work in Houjie and promptly married her. They now have a nine month old child, though body language is their primary form of communication. Although she can take care of the baby, she has problems understanding what other people say, gets very sick, murmurs to herself, and sometimes disappears for weeks on end. His wife’s real name remains a mystery, so he cannot register their child’s residence. Nong is seeking help from the local media to establish her true identity so that the family can get on and lead a regular life. (Via news. sina.com.cn)

Free Condom Feud
Due to an increase in HIV infections reported among university students, the Zhejiang Family Planning Committee wants to install free condom vending machines in 128 universities throughout Zhejiang Province. Data showed that of the reported 3,327 HIV infected persons in the province, 104 of them were from students (up 85 percent). Officials are concerned. Of the 128 planned, only ten machines have been installed. Conservative school leaders are fighting free condom dissemination, fearing that contraceptives will encourage fornication among students. Already, the machine located at Zhejiang University’s Zijingang Campus, which enrolls 20,000 students, has distributed over 1,000 contraceptives since the middle of March. All citizens aged 18-60 can obtain a free condom by simply scanning their ID card. The committee said they might not be able to install all the proposed machines because some university leaders expressed their opposition. (Via news.qq.com)

Dongtai Debt Scam
On November 16, over 30 housewives (and one security guard) from Dongtai Garden, Dongcheng, gathered at Lixin Police Station to report that they were cheated out of 20 million RMB from a neighbor.  Clutching receipts signed by them and the debtor, their good friend Liu. According to the victims, Liu has disappeared (along with her husband and children), and has failed to answer phone calls or text messages. Her apartment was sold, but her 80 year old parents who live next door to Liu remain, under 24 hour supervision by the housewives, of course. Liu was expert at displaying wealth: wearing designer brands, jewelry, and owning two apartments. She claimed she was borrowing  money because her husband’s recycling business had cash flow issues and her my mother had just passed away. The case is under  investigation.  (Via news.timedg.com)

Wechat Rumours
Every month WeChat releases the top ten rumors spread in Moments. The October report is in: of 1,397,9096 reports, 33 percent were believed to be false reports. There were plenty of moments regarding food safety, science and common sense, lost children, and superstition, but the public simply loves to tell a good tale. Some fibs have been circulated countless times in QQ and Weibo. For example: “to celebrate 5th anniversary of WeChat, reposting this news will get rewards”, or “soap salesmen use soap to make you pass out to rob you” (keep smelling the soap; you’re safe). Don’t forget the news that a little girl ate persimmons with milk and died. Thankfully the rumor was debunked or else the public might have forever been denied such a delectable combination. (Via news.mydrivers.com)

Suicide or Homicide?
A sixth grader fell to his death from the 5th floor toilet of Shijie Wenhun School on November 17. But, on receiving the police report, the boy’s father, Huang Jibao, pleaded foul play. It is claimed that thirty minutes prior to his son’s alleged suicide, the boy was slapped by his teacher who suspected he stole two footballs and some stationery. However, the father had doubts about the story, struggling to believe his cheerful son would kill himself just because he was slapped. Secondly, he claims there was no blood from the fall, the only apparent injuries being a fractured left leg, 100 striped bruises covering his arms, and three small, one centimeter deep wounds in his left palm. Later students admitted they saw three teachers beat the child and that the teachers have two main punishments. The first is for students to outstretch their arms are be beaten by a ruler, and the second is for students to have their palms punctured by compass needles. The case remains under investigation.
(Via news.sznews.com)

ISIS Operating in Shenzhen
Naming your store ISIS is probably not the smartest move in the world, but a Shenzhen store owner has done exactly that, and has since had the anti-terrorism police unit knocking at her door. Longgang district police received a complaint  that store owner, Chen Hong, 35 had a store called ISIS, November 28. On investigation it was found that the owner not a member of ‘Islamic State in Iraq and Syria’’ at all, and that the shop’s name was actually ‘ISIS Longgang Shop,’ the four letters merely an abbreviation of yisi yisi. Yisi (意思), which has several meanings in Chinese, including interest, fun, idea, and desire. The store’s ISIS sign has since been removed. (Via ifeng.com)