DG National Forest City


Dongguan can shake-off  its image as a ‘concrete jungle’, as it officially won status as a ‘ National Forest City ’ on November 24. Dongguan and 20 other cities were granted the title in a conference held in Anhui. After three years hard work and 3.3 billion RMB of investment, Dongguan is now, officially at least, 37 percent forest. Dongguan is the third city in Guangdong holding the title, after Guangzhou and Huizhou, beating the likes of  Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, and Zhongshan, which are still in the application process. With the new title under its belt, plus that of ‘National Civilized City’, ‘National Sanitary City’, and ‘China Outstanding Tourist City’, the city’s next goal is to reach the heady heights of becoming a ‘National Famous Historical & Cultural City’, a status the city failed at obtaining last time around, presumably due to the city not actually having any history.