Dongguan’s Izakaya: Bar Seraph (六翼天使)

Shielded from plain sight is the hidden gem, Bar Seraph. Not that it’s hard to find next to Helen’s Bar; it’s just new and not well known.

Past the entrance, the gentle flow of the interior and atmosphere impresses as an overall picture, giving an almost avant-garde, Zen look. Our host ShanShan describes her bar as a modern Izakaya (a Japanese bar with food and drink).

We ordered a few of their signature food dishes: sesame seaweed salad, salmon sashimi and roe potato salad, brie cheese with pickled sweet chili peppers, and their wasabi (fresh) fried chicken. Both Salads and their chicken are unique creations from their head chef, who used to work at Hataya near Nancheng. I have to say, these three dishes gave our taste buds a euphoric roller coaster ride.

The Cheese plate was unusual, but ShanShan claims it is a must have at their bar. The cheese went perfectly with the added condiments, definitely a great dish to go with beer or wine, or even whiskey.

Bar Seraph offers a slightly different selection of booze on their menu. Their signature Mojito is exquisite, with no artificial flavors or sugar. It’s simply mint leaves and strong liquor. What gives it a special taste is the addition of pomelo into the mix, giving it a slightly sweet, but not so sour, taste.

A good selection of single malt whiskies, consisting of peaty whiskies from Islay and Scotches from Japan, are available, too.

Given the above, Bar Seraph is almost the perfect place for a date, business gathering, or even if you are by yourself and want to have a little drink. (Did I mention that they have Kirin Beer on tap?) But of the few things I found which needed improvement was the fact that the music was a bit loud for an Izakaya.
Bar Seraph has only been opened for about a month and I definitely see a lot of potential, so if you’re in the area, be sure to check out the food and drinks at this hip venue.