Thai Good Cuisine: Tom Yummy

0915_RestThere will always be two kinds of people who dine in a foreign restaurant; those that have traveled to that particular place and those who haven’t. I have always loved Thai food, but have yet to visit the country, so I invited a colleague to join me who just recently returned to China from Thailand for his insight while dining at Thai Good Cuisine (泰阁TaiGe), The only Thai restaurant in Humen Town.

Located on the second floor of Rainbow Mall, the restaurant has a somewhat unusual layout. It is essentially split in half. The one side is comprised of an outdoor and indoor area including open kitchen, while the other half, although still indoors with a few larger private dining rooms, has no walls as such and feels less claustrophobic. As you enter listen for the familiar ‘sawadee kah,’ while traditional Thai music and decor comprised of ornate trinkets from what was once Siam, add to the ambient atmosphere.

For starters we shared the shredded papaya salad accompanied by tom yum soup. The salad was a touch sour and spicy for me, but my colleague enjoyed it, commenting that it wasn’t much different from the dish he had tried while on Ko Chang Island. The soup for me was simply stunning! Just the right amount of chili and spice to tantalize my taste buds as I tucked into the succulent prawns and baby mushrooms within. This was followed by the yellow curried crab for main, plus a side order of chicken pieces roasted in banana leaves. The chicken was melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Alas, the crab was a tad disappointing. Even with the plastic gloves and shell-crackers, it proved difficult to access the elusive white flesh inside. My friend also thought the sauce was somewhat over oily compared to the curries he sampled on his trip. Nonetheless, it was still enjoyable and after swilling down some draft Tiger beer we decided on a small dessert. The cream filled Durian puffs were definitely an acquired taste. I personally couldn’t get past their distinctive aroma, but they rounded off what I felt was a decent meal.

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