Post-Tianjin Probe, Facility Denies Danger

0915_scenebrief_tianjin-explosionFollowing the devastating Tianjin Port explosion, satellite photos revealed similar threats near Dongguan’s Jin’ao Sha Village. Last week, inspectors visited a facility near a residential area in Hongmei Town. Dongguan Rongshun chemical storage company is licensed to store sodium cyanide, the volatile material blamed for the massive explosions in Tianjin. The company has declined to disclose how much of the chemical was currently being stored, but did comment on passing a safety compliance inspection. From satellite images it’s clear that the company is violating safety regulations. According to Chinese law, facilities containing hazardous materials are not allowed to operate within one kilometer of public buildings and major roads. Regardless of breaking this rule, a spokesman for the company told the NY Times, “We are definitely legal. I have never done wrong to the Communist Party.”