DG Kayak Center

0915_Secne Brief_DG-Kayak-CenterWith the Dongjiang River flowing just north and west of Dongguan, the city doesn’t lack a setting for water sport. Though development has been slow, kayakers can now be found paddling down the north tip of the city. Sandalwood Island, located in Shijie Town’s Shayao Village, has opened Dongguan’s first Water Sports Center. Four programs are offered: Family Fun, offering basics for a single child and adult; Team Building, for companies and groups combined with existing programs; Water Yoga, which requires power and balancing abilities; and finally, a three-day advanced class with certification from the Hong Kong Canoe Union. “We want to nurture more seeds and coaches and hope they can get good results in competitions,” said Deng Jiewen, founder and one of the four partners of the center.