Outcry over Faulty Lifts

0815_scene_Outcry over Faulty Lifts“Trapped in elevator for 20 minutes. Dropped from the 4th to 1st floor. Don’t even have time to write my will,” said Ms. Huang in a post shared on her WeChat newsfeed. With national news surrounding similar maintenance issues, this issue has finally come to a head. That comment, from May 14, depicts issues that residents of Wanjiang’s Shangdong Garden had when they started moving in to the brand new buildings.

For months, black and white banners have shared the anger of residents with commuters driving over the Hongfu Bridge. Hanging from balconies from two buildings, the signs read, “Shit Xunda Elevator” and “Deceptive Hazen Real Estate.” Hoping to force the hand of the developers, the residents kept the signs up even after a late April agreement promised to have inspections and repairs done after two months. There are 28 elevators and if the problem persists, replacement elevators have been discussed. But the signs still hang.

On July 22, owners, the developer and the management company agreed to change some parts of the elevators including the interior decoration. “We are layman when it comes to elevators. We don’t know which parts are crucial and which ones are not,” commented Adam, who lives in the No. 13 building, in an owners’ WeChat group. “I only care if the problems of frequent malfunction, sinking and trapping people will be solved.”