Look for Big Blue Electric Taxis

The newest fleet of taxis to hit the streets of Dongguan will be powered by batteries as the newest rage on the roads becomes more environmentally friendly transport. First were the electric city buses, and now at the end of June, 12 brand-new electric taxis have been shipped to the exhibition center in Nancheng. Manufactured by domestic brand BYD, each has a sales tag of over RMB 300,000. With the same blue color, the electric taxis are a little bigger than the gas powered versions. The new rides run at a cost of just RMB 0.2 per kilometer compared to 0.5 for their combustion engine brothers. The Dongguan Hongyun Taxi Company, which belongs to state-owned Dongguan Industrial Investment Holding Group, has purchased 70 electric taxis in total. The first 12 taxis will be launched “very soon” and will drop the RMB 1 fuel surcharge.