A&E Park Breaks Ground

0815_scene_A&E Park Breaks GroundResidents in the area of Dynacity Shopping Center should be wary of new construction in the area. The Wushigang Village, located behind 13 Bowls restaurant street, is undergoing plans to be developed as 33rd Town. If investors remain true, it will feature a ‘maker space,’ live house, art space and a boutique hotel built from existing factory shells. The Everight Culture Group, owners of the Global Plaza bookstore of the same name, held an investment meeting on July 1.

The project will match similar versions around town, which include 769 by Vanke and a half a dozen by CEG Group. Everight wants to introduce a series of artistic, retail and restaurant space with a movie theater, bars, and a gym and supermarket. The makerspace, or hackerspace, is a community-operated workplace for information technology companies and will be run by Beijing Houde Science and Technology Incubator, Ltd. “We will have many, many activities. We want to increase the customers experience through our self-operated programs. This is how we are different from others,” said assistant general manager Wu Shuang.

Rong Bao Zhai, a Beijing based Chinese calligraphy and painting store with over 300 years of history, has confirmed that it will open a painting institute in the park. Construction is scheduled to begin this month, with the first phase, including the makerspace and some retail stores, set to open in early 2016.