A Blend of the Weird & Useful August 2015

0815_newsFight Fire with Firefox

Taking to the radio, a representative for the fire department said Dongguan citizens post pictures or video of a fire on social media before calling emergency-line 119. On July 18, the representative defended the fire department against public outrage at a recent fire that burned without a quick response. Jiang Chang, president of the Info and Comm. Tech department, said that when they investigated a complaint to the response speed last year in Fenggang Town, they found that the fire was discovered at 10 a.m., but the first call came in at 10:22, while a Weibo post went up at 10:15. Jiang recommended immediately reporting emergencies, once that’s out of the way, there’s plenty of time for selfies and social media. (dg.southcn.com)

what’s this guy up to?

Patroling along a Dongguan highway became anything but routine last month when officer Zheng Minfeng stopped to inspect a parked car. After a whiff of lingering alcohol, he discovered a man sleeping off a night out. OK, but what about the two guns lying next to him? Calling in back up after the man wouldn’t rouse, it took half an hour to wake him. When he did, officers on the scene discovered they were not the only ones with uniforms. A search of the vehicle uncovered the two guns, fake; a stab-proof vest, real; the uniform, phony; handcuffs and pepper spray, two legit; and a police ID, forged. Oh, and a plastic grenade. When questioned, the suspect said, ‘the hand cuffs are mine, but the rest of that stuff, I’ve never seen before in my life. Hiccup.’ The case is still under investigation, but we do know he had an argument with his wife, drank too much and passed out on the highway. Settled. (news.sun0769.com)

It’s a Tram Stampede

Construction on Donguan’s first electric tram will begin this year. On July 21, a trial route consisting of two sections, Downtown and Dongcheng East, was approved at the regulatory committee meeting. At nearly 12 kilometers, the track will start at the Nancheng CBD, extend through Central Square, the Hyphen Commercial Center, Dongcheng Ave., and Global Plaza, then end at Dongguan East Bus Station. The plan is to connect with metro line 2 with another four city lines in Dongcheng South, Guangcheng, Wanjiang and Nancheng South. By 2020, the lines are scheduled to be completed by connecting Hongmei, Wangniudun and other riverside towns. (Nanfang Metropolis Daily)

You really Don’t Want to know

The Health Bureau released results from a random swimming suit inspection—I mean—pool inspection taken on May 15 and July 9. Out of 145 pools, 36 failed, including Sheraton Dongguan Houjie. Most of the pools that failed to pass for bacterial and urea content were residential pools, which are operated privately and save cost by not changing the water. They also lack properly trained staff and hygiene permits, both required to open to the public and charge for entry. A legal pool should have three licenses: business license, high-risk sports business license and a hygiene permit. In 2013, the Sports Bureau found that there were close to 1,000 pools and only one third had proper licenses. (Guangzhou Daily)

Is he the Victor or the Crime?

That moment when rule of law leaves a bitter taste. A Hengli man, Mr. Zeng, attempted to steal the cell phone of Mr. Yuan. The alleged thief failed, both in his attempt at theft and escape. Yuan and two allies chased him several blocks before beating Zeng until he was able to escape into a nearby house. Failed again. Zeng was pulled out and beaten more. The next day, upset at the beating, Zeng confessed to the local police department of the petty theft, filed charges and sued Yuan for “intentional injury.” That same day, Yuan and cohorts also confessed and were sentenced to two months in detention and told to pay Zeng RMB 70,000. (Nanfang Metropolis Daily)

Chicken Run for Their Lives

In some parts of the world, Firecracker Chicken is a spicy recipe of Western-fused Chinese food. In others, it’s a lawsuit. This year’s episode of feather-brained attempts at small explosives operation delivered 130 more victims to kick the bucket at the hands of senseless noise. In a classic case of fowl play, an Anxiang chicken farmer was awarded a poultry RMB 7,000 to recoup his losses after 130 of his yard birds were startled to death during a jubilant celebration of fire crackers. The incident occurred when a neighbor, Mr. Li, decided to liven up his mother’s birthday party by setting off the firecrackers about 50 meters from the hennery. Whereafter, flightless fear set the birds to an early death. (Xiaoxiang Morning Herald)