Houjie Kung Fu Action

0715_scene_Houjie kung fuBeing shot on location in Dongguan, Southern China’s Shaolin Kung Fu style known as Hung Quen is about to be featured in its first action film, Double Hand Hung Quen. The Donguan Dreamwork Film and Media Co. production will star Taiwanese martial artist Dick Wei in his first film since 1989. The 63-year-old actor, who starred in his first role in 1977, will lead and choreograph the martial arts, while director Hu Jun will tell the story of a kung fu master training and accepting the challenge of an American martial artist played by Mekael Turner, who played Danny in the 2011 film Cai Li Fe Quan.

Appearing beside Wei and Turner, is emerging star Yan Xi. As a martial artist since the age of 6, Xi has won national kung fu competitions, and since 2007 he has taken the screen in several movies and live talent shows including China’s Got Talent and Happy Boy. To prepare for the movie and train in the style that originated in Houjie Town 180 years ago, Hu told HERE!, “All the actors and actresses have already begun practicing in Houjie, accepting a Houjie master’s training. Dick Wei began learning this martial arts through videos in Taiwan for a few months ahead of Houjie.” The style is described as a powerful and graceful martial art that provides a solid self defense.