A Blend of the Weird & Useful July 2015

0715_newsLADY Viagra Hits Local Market

While the FDA struggles to approve the pharmaceutical drug known as female Viagra in the U.S., the medicine has already appeared on Dongguan’s market under the name “America female Viagra.” An officer named Xiaoqing overhearing a conversation at a late night barbecue establishment about an experience that involved complaints about a fake Viagra purchase. The following investigation lead to a May 25 sting on local drug stores in Gaobu Town. Police there raided two stores and two adult shops confiscating dozens of fake afrodyn and Viagra pills, which included the female Viagra from the Guangyuan Drug Store. Four suspects were arrested. (dg.southcn.com)

The Pro and the Thief

A man, believing that some items that didn’t belong to him should be in his possession, called a Liaobu Town locksmith to open the door of an apartment in Xiabian Village. Mr. Yin said he had forgotten his keys and needed help getting in. After the smith opened the lock, he watched as his client walked in, took two notebooks, a backpack and a video game and turned to walk out with the loot valued at RMB 4,000. Feeling a little suspicious, the smith demanded that he return the items and called the landlord, upon which he discovered that Yin did not live there. The police were called and an arrest was made. On June 1, Yin was sentenced to seven months and fined RMB 1,000. Local media investigations revealed that most locksmiths companies will ask a neighbor or security guard to verify identity, but some would open the doors without proof of residence. (Dongguan Times)

Be Careful Where You Eat Sushi

In June, Dongguan Food and Drug Administration released the results of an examination of restaurants serving raw seafood. Of the 20 samples collected, the bacteria staphylococcus aureus was found present in 20 percent of the salmon and octopus samples. The bacterium is the leading cause of skin and soft tissue infections. Most staph infections are not serious, but they can cause infections in the lungs, bloodstream and joints. All the contagious samples found were from Japanese restaurants including Huangjiang Sea Feast Restaurant, Dongkeng Yixin Japanese Restaurant and Songshan Lake Songyue Japanese Cuisine. In total six varities of seafood were tested: salmon, octopus, fresh water shrimp, geoduck and tuna. (Nanfang Metropolis Daily)

Mystery of the Missing Undies

A Humen Town couple, Tan and Yan, became suspicious after Yan often discovered her underwear would go missing from their sixth floor balcony. The couple also notice that objects in their room were occasionally moved. To prove their suspicions they placed a bottle of water behind the door, but the water was never spilled. On the night of June 5, Yan lost another pair of underwear. Using flashlights on their mobile phones the confused couple searched carefully and came upon a weak red light beaming from the electric box above the door. Inside, a micro-camera was glued facing their bed. After calling the police the landlord confessed and spent seven days in jail.(Dongguan Daily)

The Case of the Rice Bowl

A custodian who worked in a factory in Huangjiang for ten years, was fired because she took away two portions of rice to her dormitory. The factory considered the RMB 1 worth of rice a crime and fired her. It happened back in December when Ayi Liu felt sick. She didn’t eat at the canteen and took away some rice to eat later at home. She paid her food expense every month and had worked in the kitchen since 2005. Feeling the punishment unjust she sued the factory. In June a judge agreed with her, awarding her compensation of RMB 61,000. (Nanfang Metropolis Daily)

School Fight Takes Bad Turn

At a Chang’an elementary in June, an incident occurred under supervision of a teacher that goes beyond the norm for school bullying. When a 7-year-old student stepped in to protect a young girl, another student grabbed him and bit him in the groin, doing what has been reported as serious damage to the boy’s penis. Mr. Li, a parent arriving to pick up his child, witnessed the incident. “As the child cried out in pain, there was a female teacher in the distance playing on her phone.” He was immediately sent to Chang’an Hospital, but was later transferred to the Dongguan People’s hospital because the injury was too serious to be treated at the clinic. Doctors are unsure whether damage to the boy’s genitals will hinder procreation in the future. The local education authorities said the boy will be provided with counseling. (timedg.com)