Say Bye to Bowling

0615_Scene_Say Bye to BowlingThe GTL Bowling Alley served the city for years. That’s the one across the street from Nanchang Walking Street, but no longer can downtown Dongguaners knock down pins ten at a time. Fu Xuefu, a Taiwanese bowling instructor that once taught in downtown’s only bowling alley, said it closed on April 20 without much warning.

According to Fu, the owner, also from Taiwan, is selling to make room for a “20-something-story commercial tower.” “The business was not bad, just because the landlord wanted to sell the land, so it was closed,” Fu said. When asked to confirm, assistant to the owner Ms. Zhu would not comment directly on plans for the land, but denied Mr. Fu’s statement. According to Chinese law, nobody owns the land. Only the usage rights can be bought, and GTL is in a prime location.

With the closing of GTL, and the long missing Qiaozhong Bowling Alley that once existed in Houjie, Dongguan is now down to only one bowling alley. The Lai Ching Holiday Resort Bowling Club is in Changping’s Yinxian Resort. With 14 lanes, business at the alley is reportedly not strong, but perhaps its newly found monopoly of the market will bring better luck.

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