Unique Bar (Chang’an): Drink & Play

05_15_Bar reviewChina is full of every type of establishment with an English name that seems out of place to a native speaker, but Unique Bar is actually quite unique. It’s a mash-up of different styles—a Chinese night club with upholstered seating lining the walls; a brick-style American bar with greasy food; images and memorabilia of European footballers plastered everywhere.

The rooftop bar is paired with a covered, outdoor football field that can be rented for RMB 200 per 90 minutes, and is large enough to accommodate two teams of five players. If you’re feeling goofy after a few beers, you can strap on a large, plastic inflatable that is fitted with shoulder straps and covers your body above the knee.

Play a match with your mates, bumping off of each other and trying your damnedest to control the ball, or just get a running start and fling yourself across the field, rolling and bouncing across the artificial grass. Plan ahead with a set of clothes for play, and a set of clothes for drink. A clean locker room with a half dozen showers is available to store your things and get cleaned up.

Six screens bathe one side of the bar in perpetual football and basketball. Asahi and Carlsberg are served on draft for RMB 30, but after driving all the way to Chang’an, you should treat yourself and buy in bulk. A three liter tower only runs RMB 130.

Except for Tsingtao, the remaining selection of cans and bottles is imported from Denmark, Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands and Mexico. The bar is not well liquored. Requesting a gin and tonic was met with a “mei you.” Instead, fill up on Long Island Ice Teas and take lots of photos so you can piece things together the next morning.

Heads up, a friend warned me that my bank card purchase may not be secure. Like some other small businesses, the business named on the receipt was that of an electrical supplies store, so it’s possible the bar is not careful with how it handles e-transactions. Unique gets a yellow card for that. Pay in cash.

ADDRESS: 5/F, Block A, Caifu Plaza, No. 259, Jinxiu Rd, Changan Town
中文: 东莞市长安镇锦绣路259号财富广场A栋5楼