Spaghetti Bonds (Humen): A Nice Surprise

05_15_Rest reviewSituated in the south of Dongguan, almost directly between Shenzhen and Guangzhou; the developing backwater town of Humen may not be first on everybody’s list of places to frequent. That said, as the newly affluent township begins to see a greater influx of foreigners, more Western style restaurants are beginning to crop up. Whether on business, sightseeing at the opium war museum, or just passing through to snap up those bargain basement prices at the renowned Huang He shopping mall, it is a safe bet you will need to know where to get some decent food.

As with many towns around Dongguan city, Humen does not really have much in the way of Western food, but if you make your way to rainbow mall and look for the apple store. Virtually adjacent to it you will see a restaurant called Spaghetti Bonds with a large birdcage outside (next to the Thai restaurant).

An independent establishment, owned and run by a local, Bonds does a fantastic job of exploiting the surprising lack of Western restaurants in Humen. The place has a naturally welcoming aura and customers will occasionally hear the tinkle of the piano near the entrance. The menu is primarily Italian based with a choice of various pizzas, pastas and risottos, but the restaurant is particularly revered for its prime cuts of seasoned beef in their salad.

On my recent visit, I asked what they recommended I should try, to which I was told the Philadelphia deli sandwich was their most popular order. A delicious winner for me, especially at the price of RMB 33. Most of the menu is reasonably priced with prices topping RMB 100 for things like Angus steak or lobster. They also have a good selection of regular Western desserts and an extensive range of imported wines.

As a resident of Humen for over two years, I have searched most corners of this growing town. If you are looking for something a little more low-key than the glitzy hotels for Western cuisine, Spaghetti Bonds is an absolute must.

ADDRESS: No. 1068, Phase 2, Landmark Plaza, Liansheng Middle Rd, Humen Town
中文: 虎门镇连升中路地标广场2期1068号 (地标售楼处后面)