Brazilian Events on Rise

05_15_Scene_Brazilian Events on RiseSouth Brazilian culture can already be considered strong in Dongguan, and celebrating their traditions publicly is becoming increasingly common. On the afternoon of April 19, almost 200 people joined together at the Designer Hotel in Dongcheng to drink their famous chimarrão tea, eat traditional foods, and dance. The event was organized by the PTG, an active Brazilian culture society.

In South Brazil, April 24 is Chimarrão Day. Gauchos, Brazilians from the south known for their cowboy ways, celebrate it with an event called Mateada, a traditional gathering of friends practicing the customs of southern Brazil. This was the first organized event of its kind in Dongguan, and to make it happen, around 10 kilos of tea was brought in by the community from Brazil so as to make enough available for everyone involved. Traditional cakes, pizzas, sweets and meat pies were made and there were artisanal performances and presentation of kids’ Capoeira.

According to Crodoaldo Batista, the PTG’s new patron, a group leader elected last January 23, the event is to become an annual happening due to the success of this first event and a strong interest from the community. The next event that will gather the South Brazilian community will be a traditional lunch on May 17. People interested to attend can contact Crodoaldo at 137-1188-5287.