In the Local Media: April 2015

04_15_newsWild Life Tragedy On March 3, a raid on a country-style restaurant hidden in Dalang’s Songmushan Village uncovered almost 200 wild animals from the national list of protected animals, most of them had already been preserved as tonics. The massive restaurant, taking up three, three-storied houses, reportedly attracted nightly customers from Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Next to the entrance gate two wild goshawks were trapped with several chickens, ducks and geese in a single coop. Another cage held seven live snakes, including two cobras. Lining the hall and the kitchen, rows of jars were filled with rare geckos and protected birds. The owners and chef were arrested and face up to ten years in prison. (Nanfang Metropolis Daily)

Bus Porter Shows All A passenger on the No.108 bus, refusing to pay a fair that had been raised by 40 percent for the Spring Festival, incited an anger fueled response from the coach’s porter that he likely didn’t expect. At about 10 a.m. on February 28, a man surnamed Gao boarded at the East Railway Bus Station insisting to pay the normal price. The porter decided she didn’t need the gruff, ripped up the 15 yuan and told Gao he was not a man. Gao disagreed and decided to take a picture of his new nemesis, who walked over, lifted her shirt and said roughly, “Take a picture of this.” The bus company has defended their employee, saying that she had been going through personal issues, but pledged to fire her if they confirmed the story. (Yangcheng Evening News)

Electric Cars Coming Dongguan’s first charging station for electric cars was completed on March 10. Located in the Dongcheng Bus Station, the facility is equipped with 10 charging poles taking up about 400 sq. meters at the bus station. The station will serve the city’s first batch of all-electric buses and can also charge private electric cars in the future. To fully charge a bus battery requires three hours at night on slow charge mode and one and half hours during the day at fast charge mode. A full battery can run about 150 kilometers. Developed by the Guangdong East Power Co., Ltd., another two stations in Songshan Lake and at the Main Bus Station is the next step. (

Dongguan Can Make Laws Now On March 15, the draft of the Legislation Amendment Act was approved by the People’s Congress Conference in Beijing. It suggested that legislative power should be granted to Dongguan. As a prefecture-level city without counties, Dongguan has been asking for this power since 2009. Without it, the city ran into difficulties in managing the issues such as the motorcycle ban and the management of flowing population. After gaining the power, Dongguan will be able to make its own laws and regulations for environmental protection, urban and rural construction management, and history and culture protection. It is planned that relevant departments will be set up in the first half of the year. (,

Who Let the Dogs Out? The noise and unsanitary conditions from dozens of Tibetan Mastiffs belonging to a Zhangmutou man provoked a news crew to investigate after chronic neighborhood complaints. The dogs were kept in two cages in the yard, and when the news crew questioned the man surnamed Liang, he yelled “get out, or I will let my dogs bite you,” and showed his penis to drive away reporters. The neighbors claimed they sometimes needed to stay in hotels, but Liang refused to make changes. Soon his family convinced him to return inside. Seeing the reporters walking around his house, he yelled and showed his private parts again, this time from the balcony and wielding a beer bottle. (

Breast Milk Bank To encourage the feeding of breast milk to area newborns, the Dongguan Children’s Hospital is planning to build the city’s first breast milk bank. Research from the hotpital showed that only 10 percent of the mothers who delivered in the hospital fed their babies breast milk. The bank will first collect breast milk from the mothers in the hospital and feed their babies first. Then they will encourage these mothers to donate milk. In the future they hope milk from outside of the hospital can be collected for babies in need. The hospital has banned all formula milk advertisement and promotions, but can’t stop people from bringing it in. (Guangzhou Daily)