Spring Fest 2015

02_15_SCENE_Spring Fest 2015The golden week-long holiday for Chinese New Year could be a relaxing time at home, but getting out off the sofa and having a peek at how the remaining people spend the splendid festival is also not a bad idea. The city will lessen half of its population during that time, but there are enough events out there for entertaining.

Once a year, the rape seed flowers in Qiaotou are blossoming in the Lotus Lake Scenic Area that will later be filled with lotus. Throughout February, the endless yellow sea will definitely make a wonderful background for selfies.

On February 19, a mountain climbing competition will be held on Lotus Hill in Chang’an. For more details and a complete schedule for CNY activities around Dongguan, including Chinese most iconic of customs, the Spring Festival lion/dragon/Kirin dancing and relaxing garden parties, go to events at test.heredg.com.

Last, but not the least, on the day of the Lantern Festival, which marks the final day of the holiday, a grand celebration with handmade lanterns from the townships and area cities will be displayed in Hongmei’s Cultural Sports Square from March 3 to 5. A series of cultural activities, games and exhibitions will also be held at the location.