Old Guancheng Remains Old

1114_Scene Brief_Old guancheng remains oldThe latest protection in Dongguan’s Historic and Cultural Protection Plan, issued in October, has become a blessing for the local architecture style known as Qilou. The style, known as Sotto Portico in the West, is designed for streetside businesses throughout the Pearl River Delta and was built extinsively in Dongguan in the early 20th Century. As modern buildings techniques have become the norm the Qilou is disappearing as redevelopment grows. Local citizens, fighting for historic identity, voiced their concerns. In the recent plan, 28 of the 100 historic buildings will be protected. After being included on the list, any deconstruction or renovation must pass a public hearing before moving forward. The plan also mandates that maintenance will be funded by the cultural protection department. The most well-known examples of the buildings built with Western style vault and Chinese aesthetics are located in Guancheng’s Zhanhua, Zhongxing and Daxi Roads, or in Shilong on Zhongshan Road.