In the Local Media: November 2014

1114_NewsPatience, and Obstinance, are Virtues A local Foshan man waited in a parking space for two hours as he waited for family members to arrive driving their car. In a residential garden, the man sat crouched playing with a mobile phone, breaking only to shoo off drivers looking to move in on his territory. This behavior seemed a bit annoying to some, who stepped up for their civic duty by calling security to tell on him. Reports say that when the residential guards arrived at 5 p.m., they were unable to persuade the space holder to disembark. The happy ending came when he stepped aside for a white car and walked off with the gentleman driver. (Yangcheng Evening News)

Better Look Next Time Nanchang District’s One Mall is reportedly discriminating against sanitation workers of lesser attractiveness. Two different wages are allegedly being paid—one to workers of younger and better looking attributes, and a second to older, fatter employees. When Wang Yuye, 60, found six co-workers were paid RMB 150 more than he and his attractively-challenged colleagues, they petitioned for change to no avail. The South Metropolis Daily questioned Shangcheng Property management, alleging in their report, that unsightly evidence pointed to the mall, specifying that first floor custodians should be better equipped. Wang, the not-so pretty whistleblower was thusly fired, without reason. The Dongguan Human Resource Bureau has opened an investigation. (South Metropolis Daily)

Unmasked Hero October 9 took a dangerous turn when a Zhouxi Village well turned on the little old lady who innocently fetched water with which to wash her clothes. The village, located in Nancheng, was also home to a 50-year-old heroine that goes by the super-handle of Aunty Zhang. Hearing screams of help coming from the 2-meter hole of despair, Zhang leapt into action, grabbing a long stick to save the damsel, latter discovered to be none other than Mrs. Liang, a 60-year-old, mild mannered grandmother that is known to frequent the area. Villagers have suggested that the well be put behind bars for the rest of its existence to prevent further mayhem. (

Lose Face, Find Money In the belief that losing face is the ultimate prevention in the fight against civil negligence, the personal information of 500 debtors was released publicly on October 15. The action, ordered by the Donguan Intermediate People’s Court, was publicized through local media outlets and on official Weibo and WeChat accounts. The list of publicized debtors targeted delinquents found capable of repayment, including some village committees and schools. The biggest debt is a couple that owes RMB 240 million from 2008. (

Parents Drive Boy Bald Making the rounds online, reports of an 8-year-old suffering from a stress disorder blame his parents. About a year ago, the boy began to pull out his hair to relieve tension built up by pressure from his parents to perform well in school. His mother, Mrs. Huang, said she didn’t notice the issue until her son was bald. To change the behavior she tried lecturing, cursing and hitting the boy, none of which helped. So she took him to see a psychologist at Dongguan Third People’s Hospital who diagnosed stress coming from parental pressure. (

Victim or the Crime On October 20, a female patient slapped her doctor three times as he performed an eye exam. She alleged that Dr. Du, who was wearing a surgical mask, touched her waist inappropriately and leaned in for a kiss. The altercation took place in an open exam room before witnesses backed Dr. Du, who suffered a busted eardrum. Mrs. Wang, who maintains her actions were done in self-defense, was sentenced to 10 days in administrative detention and an RMB 200 fine. (

It’s in the Timing A day after having his home burgled, where money and a bank deposit book were stolen, the victim was served a surprise. The scene, which took place in Jiangxi’s Shangrao City at an Industry and Commerce Bank on October 9, unfolded after the victim had reported the stolen book. As he filled out the proper forms in the waiting room, another patron entered, approached the teller and asked to withdraw cash. That’s when Ye Lu, our hero bank teller, noticed something sinister unfolding. This man shared the same name and bank account as his previous customer. He also didn’t know the password and handed over an ID matching the earlier customer’s information. The thief was held for police by the victim and the security guards. (