Foreign Football League

1014_scene_Foreign Football LeagueThe influx of foreign football players into Dongguan has moved those sport lovers to form a club of their own, along with the local teams looking for stronger competition. In September, the Dongguan Foreigner Football League (DFFL) was formed, and their first competition, a five-a-side tournament, will be held from October 13 at Soccer World, the Nancheng District sports complex.

The non-profit league has attracted 75 players, divided into six separate teams. “Previously, when it came to play the game, sometimes we couldn’t find enough players, but with this league, we will be able to hold routine matches more often,” said Mateus Martins, president of the league. He said that the league is meant to be a unifying force to integrate the disjointed recreational football teams of Dongguan and create a platform for athletic improvement.

Presently, teams are training in preparation for the forthcoming tournament. “Anybody who has passion for football is welcome. Also, we will consider holding more activities with local teams to build up more connection,” said Martins. “[We want] step-by-step to have more people playing football. We know right now we have many foreigner football teams playing every week. This league, it’s to help communication between these teams.” For inquiries contact Martins at m.martins@soccerworld.cc.