In the Local Media: September 2014

0914_NewsLoyal Dog Neglected by Owner Dongguan’s local version of Hachiko, the Japanese dog that waited years at a train station for his deceased owner, remained alone for the summer at her owner’s apartment building. The animal, a Finnish Spitz abandoned by her masters, sat under a car at the Feilong Villa in Humen during the day coming out in the evenings to bark at the No. 5 building entrance. Several animal lovers tried to take her home, but were met by growls and snarls. On August 26, the dog safely gave birth to two little puppies. The Tianshan Stray Animal Rescue Center in Shijie Town has adopted the family. (,

Thief Accepts IOU Unable to find cash, a thief armed with a POS retail transaction system debited his victim’s account. The alleged crime took place in Shenzhen’s Luohu District on the afternoon of August 6 when the thief, reported only as Mr. Chen, answered a rental advertisement and demanded passwords for her six bank cards transfering RMB 2,000 from his victim, also surnamed Chen. Under duress, Ms. Chen confessed to another RMB 50,000 in an inaccessible account. Luckily, Mr. Chen was polite enough to accept an IOU for the debit, asking Ms. Chen for a note contracting the future transaction. Ms. Chen reported to police and Mr. Chen was caught the same day around 7 p.m. (Guangzhou Daily)

Dongguan Heroes Dongguan tourists saved 13 people from drowning in a lake in Hunan Province on August 9. Amateur photographer, Huang Junbo, accompanied college friends for the views they would find on a tour of Dongjiang Lake in Zixing City. About eight minutes into the tour, a fast-moving speed boat turned over in front of them sending its occupants into the water wearing orange life vests and waving for help. The tourists approached the yacht and Huang and his friends threw more life vests, and dragged people to their boat with ropes. Totally, 19 people were saved and another three were missing. (

The Police vs. Whole Village A family of three was sued by the Dongguan No. 2 People’s Court in a case heard on August 19. They had refused to follow court mandates from 2013 and incited villagers to damage a police car and beat three public officials in connection with that case. On October 18, 2013, an executive judge and three police went to Huang Canrong’s house in Huangjialang Village in Liaobu to arrest him for a debt of RMB 20,000. As the police cuffed Huang, his son allegedly held an officer hostage with a Japanese sword. When the father was released, they beat the officers with mom joining in brandishing a wooden stick. The village neighbors continued the onslaught by blocking their way and hitting the officers’ cars with bricks. It took 60 policeman and 30 Zhi’an Yuan officers to rescue them. (

10086 Scam Message Proving that links from any unknown source shouldn’t be trusted, the Chang’an Police discovered a scam using a wi-fi base station to send messages in a 500-meter radius from the 10086 China Mobile service hotline. More than 100 people fell for the trap, revealing bank card credentials for a total loss of RMB 400,000. In July, shop owners on Chang’an Town’s Changdong Road received messages seemingly sent from 10086. “Your cell phone bill has exceeded RMB 130, log in to 10086 to get a free charge worth RMB 135.” After opening the link, a Trojan virus would wait for personal banking information. The gang had sent out about 300,000 messages to people in Chang’an, Shajing and Longgang in Shenzhen. (

Samaritan Needs Witness On August 20, 80-year-old grandma He Kai fainted in an alley in Wanjiang Town’s Luciwo Village. Passerby Yang Xiaolai said he dare not help until he found another person to witness his efforts. Yang noticed Grandma He lying unconscious on the ground while several others passed the alley without offering assistance. Concerned that the setting was a trap to cheat him into a civil compensation action, Yang hesitantly knelt down to check. He then went 20 meters away to grab a shop owner to witness his actions. Soon after, neighbors arrived and called He’s family to take her to the hospital. She suffered only a small abrasion to one eye. (