Plan Ahead: Holiday Resort, City of the Future

0814_travel2Complain if you will about the subtropical heat of the Pearl River Delta. The good thing is, for all the suffering brought by the heat, when the long October holiday arrives and many of us get a long vacation to celebrate the Golden Week, the weather is still ready for the beach.

If you’re looking to celebrate the founding of the PRC, and want to do so without leaving the country, there is a new spot in Huizhou, a quick drive up the highway. The Silver Beach Hotel was Phase One at Country Garden Phoenix International, a city built from the bluffs in Huidong.

Considering that over the last five years they were building an entire resort town ready to accommodate visitors, commuters and investors within its almost 200,000 apartments and condos, it was a site that had to be seen. The hotel, as its staff joked, was built within a year. They then spent the next two patching some of the rushed work.

This area, under construction by Country Garden, is an impressive feat of industrious developers that have a vision of a self made beach town, where homeowners can commute to work in the morning and arrive back at their beachside homes in the evenings, or a weekend getaway that Guangdong residents—an hour and a half drive from Shenzhen, just over two hours from Dongguan and three from Guangzhou—can actually use each weekend.

From above the Silver Beach Hotel pool, the photo looks out at the Xiaojing Bay.

From above the Silver Beach Hotel pool, the photo looks out at the Xiaojing Bay.

The hotel, with 336 rooms, a Western restaurant that serves a pretty nice steak with nightly jazz piano; a breakfast buffet that needs some work; a massive pool with plenty of atmosphere, though it is a little beat up; and easy beach access throughout the premises, sparked an interest with its promise of water sports.

And watching off the balcony after check-in, it looks pretty good to see a kite surfer spreading wings during a lesson. For those that don’t think they have the skills or the spirit for an endeavor that sends passengers atop the sea at the whim of the wind, there are jet skis. Just be ready to spend the 10 minutes that costs RMB 150 with a mandatory staff co-pilot bopping on the back of the double-seat.

When it comes to pricing, the hotel can split opinions. Room rates and restaurant prices are slightly lower than other resorts in the area, while the facilities are a little worn and the beds are less comfortable.

What it does have going for it, is a service staff that is more than happy to assist with a small, but accommodating, international relations staff ready if you need them, plenty of big pillows to fluff the beds and a beach that is mostly clean with soft sand to caress the toes.

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