Expat Tied, Robbed at Home

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New World Garden apartments located in Dongguan’s Dongcheng District is one the city’s most long-standing and popular rental properties for the area’s expat community.

At 8 a.m. in the morning of August 9, a resident at New World Garden, a popular residential garden for Dongguan expats, received an intercom call from a man claiming to be a parcel carrier. Upon opening his door, the resident, known only as David in the local news report, was tied up at knife point in the living room of his apartment in the garden’s Di Jing Tai Building.

The burglar then took his time searching throughout the apartment; taking RMB 60,000, HKD 80,000, TWD 15,000 and USD 11,000, four watches, one cell phone and jewelry—a total value of RMB 450,000.

Early reports do not explain how the victim escaped his bindings, but after he was freed and reported the incident to police, detectives used surveillance camera footage to identify the offender. The alleged culprit was quickly arrested the next day at around noon in his rental home in the Ao’nan community in Guancheng. The Hubei native, according to the report, confessed to the crime and returned the stolen goods.

The news report also says the alleged offenders is surnamed Kong; he managed a computer shop; he owed several tens of thousands of RMB; and he had recently gone through a fight with his wife just before committing the crime.