In the Local Media: July 2014

0714_newsOh, Rat Farts Following an incident last summer at the Hillview Golf Club, in which a guest was hit by lightning, a law suit has been brought before the Dongcheng People’s Court by Mr. Deng, the victim of the accident. Deng, who was playing with two friends when the sky turned dark on July 20, 2013, had to be resuscitated on the way to the hospital and suffered burns on his chest, thighs and left toes. The accident left Deng incontinent and unable to talk or read. Hillview officials argue that a storm warning had been released and that an alarm was raised just before the accident. His two companions, on their caddie’s advice, quit play, but Deng continued. Maybe he was having the game of his life. (

No Chumps, No Scam As a thank you to regular customers, China Post randomly selected 100 to reward with an iPhone 5s. According to the staff that ran the promotion, many of the winners immediately hung up their phones and others said that they were out of town and would pass on the prize. Only 52 people claimed their prizes before the offer expired, the rest refused, believing the promotion to be a scam. According to phone staff, the lucky 52 were not easily convinced either. Most of them required a return call over the following days for further clarification. China Post will have another round for the lucky draw around the Mid-autumn Festival and will add the unclaimed phones to the prizes. (

Designate a Driver During the World Cup, drivers should expect a higher than usual number of traffic police on the streets of Dongguan. The extra manpower is tasked with controlling drunk driving, with the highest concentrations coming at midnight and early morning hours. On the nights of popular matches, especially during the semis and final games, police will be arranging check points near areas with many bars and restaurants, as well as street BBQ’s and snack locations. Officials are saying that locations of the check points will be random and change throughout the evenings. If a driver’s blood contains an alcohol content of more than or equal to 80mg/100ml, he or she will get up to six months of penal detention. (

FamilyMart Approaches The choice for 24-hour junk food is about to become more competitive in Dongguan. FamilyMart, a convenience store franchise from Japan, will open 350 new locations around China, in Dongguan, Beijing, Wuxi and other cities throughout 2014. The chain has opened over 1,200 stores in places like Chengdu, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. FamilyMart is the third largest convenient store chain in Japan, coming in behind only 7-Eleven and Lawson.

Midnight Protest At midnight on the night of June 10, students from City College, a branch of the Dongguan University of Technology, caused a scene that lasted for half an hour as they yelled and threw garbage out of dormitory windows. After an internal plan to move students to a different dormitory at the end of the semester was leaked, the students complained that there was not enough time given for the move. Other concerns surrounded the safety at the dormitory, where a robbery of nine rooms in a single night was blamed on the dormitory’s location near the foot of a mountain and its lack of security walls. In one report, college officials said one student was being disciplined for throwing trash and shooting a security guard with a water gun. (

Dine and Dash A Wanjiang hotel is trying to recoup losses after what turned out to be a small kitchen fire sent 400 customers rushing from its restaurant. A customer surnamed Li witnessed the event and said that on June 22 around noon, the five-star hotel in Wanjiang had full seating for 50 tables when a puff of smoke came from the kitchen. Customers watched as the wait staff ran into the kitchen, then they heard someone yell, “Fire! The gas tank is going to explode!” Panic set in and the room is estimated to have cleared within two minutes, although the hotel staff tried to stop them from leaving the scene. The hotel has calculated their losses at more than RMB 20,000. Messages have been sent out through the hotel’s official WeChat account, calling on the honesty of patrons to pay their bill.
(Guangzhou Daily)