2014 Swimsuit Guide

The beach is near and the time is right because summer is here and the skin is light.

The beach is near and the time is right because summer is here and the skin is light.

We all have different approaches to fun in the sun, weather pool parties, sunbathing, exercise or lounging are your thing, a stylish bathing suit not only shows off that charming figure, it also expresses the inner-you. Your personality is unique; let your summer gear flaunt it. So in the land of the six month subtropical summer, we’ve found six styles that will evoke the best from the 2014 swimsuit season.

Countryside Natural

0714_cover story_4This style’s simple designs using the classic bikini and one-piece or thin-stringed halter top continues to be one of the biggest trends this summer. Compared to strong decorative swimwear like scalloped swimsuits, this style is safer, more practical, and more suitable for swimming because it’s lighter and reduces resistance force as well. The simple design emphasizes pattern and color, which are often rich in nature inspired reality or abstract patterns. The natural colors combine with artificial decorative colors to form a familiar raw feeling, at the same time adding a fashion sense from metropolitan life.

Neon Focus

0714_cover story_5

How can a scorching summer go without highlights? The neon swimsuit, the clothing design version of marking a good book for further review, is a must-have item every summer. The style normally contains classic bikini or underwear lines, with the color effect catching the eye so effortlessly in the sun that the areas covered by neon can’t be too big. Unless blinding your adoring public is the idea. Usually singular in color, neon suits leave the patterns to its less retro mates, but this year has been flaring up with metallic materials. This summer, Vix has launched a line of reflective swimwear that casts a shimmering light on the trend. Spotlighting curvy figures in the sunlight, looking sexy and luxurious, it is best to limit the material too much. This style is best with a bikini, a modest monokini or a waist revealing one-piece.


0714_cover story_6Vintage wear has swept the fashion world, and swimsuits are no exception. This year, a red one-piece bathing suit launched by Lisa Marie Fernandez delivers a sense of the classic. The lining of the suit follows closely to a women’s figure, simulating the shape of medieval corset. But the bow sprouting above the bust like a rabbit ear antenna broadcasts that this is not underwear. It, along with its wearer, is meant to be seen. The bold red adds a dash of glamour, and makes it difficult not to be the focal point on any beach. The polka dot pattern brings us back to the 1950s when pop art was prevalent. The repetitive, ordered arrangement shapes a sense of elegance from its undiminished unity. And high waists are also back in with this year, which is great for elongating legs, a good choice for shorter figures.

Sporty Vitality

0714_cover story_7Navy and white are two representative colors of summer with fresh, clean and comfortable feelings, bringing a sense of refresh and delight. Navy and white sporty bathing suit is without a doubt the necessary item in this summer, especially for beach volleyball and football enthusiasts. Two-piece style is more common in sporty swimwear because it’s more convenient in sports compared to one-piece. The blue and white crossover strap bathing suit launched by Lisa Marie Fernandez brings fun and sport to the dull design. In addition, quite a few designs this year show a spot of red to highlight the blue and white design. Red represents passion and energy. The conflict and contrast of the three totally different colors emphasizes the sporty feeling, lightening up the whole body. The navy blue and white striped style is still one of the classic. The two-piece with umbrella bottom of the top is suitable to minimize a big belly, and also looks naughty.

Sexy & Wild

0714_cover story_8What do you think of straps, buckles and rivets? If you answered, “sexy, hot, passionate and cool,” you were right. Black, red, silver and nude (a shade darker than champagne) are colors versed in revealing a women’s sex appeal. Black is mysterious, sexy and cool, and it highlights the dropping wave of the female body, adding a sense of heroic spirit. The hollow strap design by Agent Provocateur favorably attracts attention to the partly shaded curvy waist, where the straps and the body meet. The artistry is more attractive than showing skin. Using metal is also a big trend this year. The classic black bikini decorated with silvery rivets, plus the string design is definitely a favorite of punk fans, preferably coordinated with red lips and smoky-eye makeup.

Fashionable Apparel

0714_cover story_9Chiffon dresses and short pants can be worn in the winter; knitwear can be put on in summer. Fashion has become seasonless—underwear and outerwear, swimwear and apparel—there are no boundaries. For those just for sunbathing and photographs, they can choose this fashionable apparel style. It is a swim suit design, but brandished with the details of a garment. They are convenient and formal. To go shopping, just add a cover up. Weather using geometric patterns with ethnic style, one-shoulder or strapless night gown style, or the casual zipper element, a favorite is always among the racks.

Sister to Sister Fashion Tips

0714_cover story_10Each of these six trends, just like the ladies of our universal sisterhood, is dressed in its own features. And my tips, besides, “Don’t forget to apply plenty of sunscreen and choose a style that suits you, not one that only matches a fad,” will help you accessorize for the sunlight.

When it comes to cover ups, wraps and beach coats, choose a pattern that matches your swimsuit. If you can’t, go with a thin singular color. The coat’s style should be very loose to contrast the tight bikini for a sense depth. Watch out for complicated patterns when choosing a suit. If that is your style, avoid the same look with your covers and wraps, unless it is identical to your suit.

Longer chiffon skirts are a good choice for ladies with a heavier bottom. The material has bohemian feel, which is great for photographs. See through coats or tank tops also work well for a sexy vibe.
These single items can all be found on the third floor of the Haiya Department Store in Dongcheng. My personal choice is a store called Fandecie because it has a lot of stripes and color blocking designs, which are suitable for a plumb body type like mine. This shape prefers a simple and basic style over pleated or scalloped skirts. The color blocking, a style that taurns the body’s canvas into a geometric collage, attracts attention to the color and design rather than the shape of the body.