In the Local Media: June 2014

0614_newsIndecent Proposal Proposing to his girlfriend, a Zhangmutou man made the papers last month with an odd demonstration of his feelings. The middle-aged handyman, surnamed Lian, proposed at his girlfriend’s request, a woman of affluence, while wearing a rosy-red bikini. “She wanted to know if I truly loved her or not,” he said. On May 14 at noon, Lian, dressed in a tight bikini with white lace, walked to the Longten Garden, where his girlfriend resided, where he had been working for the last 20 years on the maintenance crew, and where the two met. In front of Lian’s colleagues and friends she said, “yes.” (

Vigilante Vender A lamb skewer vendor earning RMB 2,000 a month has taken on a second career as a vigilante. Ruzi, 27, from Xinjiang working at a friend’s food stall located near the bicycle locking area at the Nancheng Wal-Mart heard a call on May 3 to “catch that thief” and sprinted in front of three security guards to halt the alleged thief. According to an area security staff member named Mr. Yang, Ruzi had also caught another thief the week before. (

Doctor Hostage The son of a lung cancer patient allegedly took a Donghua Hospital doctor hostage after the father passed away under the doctor’s charge. Witnesses said Mr. Zeng confronted Dr. Zhang wielding a knife and hammer, drove away accompanying staff and locked them out of the room. Negotiations taking an unspecified amount of time were lead by local police and ended when Dr. Zhang broke free and escaped the office. Dr. Zhang said that Mr. Zeng’s father died during emergency treatment after he had, according to Zhang, gotten out of bed against his orders, making his symptoms worsen. (Dongguan Times)

May Floods On May 11, downpours hit Dongguan, especially in the southeast sector of the city. Rapidly rising water from the Shima River caused floods along areas in Zhangmutou, Tangxia, Fenggang and Qingxi Towns. Flooding in nearby Shenzhen also worsened the situation in Tangxia, where two rivers from that city meet. During the disaster, eight people died (two by drowning, one by electrocution), over 50,000 people were evacuated and more than 200 houses collapsed. The highest water levels in Tangxia reached two stories on the night of May 11. (

Been a Bad Boy A man from Guangdong’s Foshan City was convicted of the crime of being a deadbeat son. The 80-year-old mother, surnamed Su, claimed her son, Mr. Li, had not visited her for seven years. Having lost her husband in 2006 she had become ill over the last few years. Li was sentenced to visit his mother in her Hainan Province home once a year and pay RMB 300 each month. Su has eight children, but Li is her oldest and she says that she kept hoping her oldest son would come home one day and give her monthly living expenses. (

Underground Riverboat A raid by Machong Town police on May 13, led to the arrest of 42 suspects from a sand dredging barge, and the confiscation of a small amount of ketamine, a horse tranquilizer popular on the black market. The barge, covered in rags used as blackout curtains, was evidently an underground club that traveled around Machong and Zhongtang Towns on the Dongjiang River. Patrolmen became suspicious of the party boat after noticing crowds of young people coming and going in expensive cars. After a two month investigation, police set up a sting with the Huangpu Customs Department, using two speedboats usually assigned to patrolling for smugglers. Quietly moving alongside the barges the police boarded without incident, and found that the interior was decorated opulently with oil paintings, glass instillations and leather couches. The police say this was the first time in the province that a drug dealing club was caught disguised as a sand carrier. (

Dragon Boat Cutbacks During this month’s Dragon Boat Festival, many towns have announced the cancelation of dragon boat races, including local hotspot, Wanjiang, which has held annual celebrations along with the races, parades and performances since the 1980s. The official reason is budgetary, relating to the “economic spirit” advocated by the central government since the beginning of 2013. Some villages such as Zhongtang’s Jiangnan community, claiming to spend over RMB 600,000 annually on races and parades, canceled the parades as well. Most towns canceled the races, but kept the parades, like Shilong, Daojiao, Hongmei, Shatian, Zhongtang and Gaobu. However, Wangniudun and Machong will go ahead as planned. (