Nancheng Demolitions

0514_Scene_Nancheng DemolitionsThe 13-year-old Dongguan International Conference and Exhibition Center on Hongfu Road is reportedly being demolished, and it is thought that it will be replaced by a skyscraper to be developed by the Beijing Wangfujing Department Store Group. Although the demolition has not been approved yet, a document was announced on the Web site of the Urban and Rural Planning Bureau of Dongguan. It addressed the land usage of the Exhibition Center, together with the vacant land in front and behind it. Changes will make it a hybrid commercial and residential zone. Industry insiders estimate the new owner of the land will be the Beijing Wangfujing, who just signed a contract with the government in March to build a complex with a shopping mall, apartments and offices with an investment of RMB 5.5 billion.

Also, changes that are going to happen in the same area, but nearer in the future, will affect the metro construction that has been going on since 2012 at the Hongfu Stop. It is finally reaching a milestone. The main cap construction including ring beams, structural columns, walls, stairs and roofs are coming to completion. So the traffic detour on the intersection of Hongfu Road and Dongguan Avenue will be gradually lifted. In June, going in the direction of Bayi Road will be straightened instead of curving to the right. The Hongfu Stop will be the connection of metro line 1 and 2.