It’s Softball Season

it's softball seasonThe 2014 Taiwan Businessmen Softball League is under way, and was sparked off with an impressive display of international cooperation, competitive spirit and sportsmanship. The league, which played its inaugural season back in 2004, now has teams from around the world. “Most are Taiwanese, and we also have players from China, Japan and the USA,” said active member and Taiwanese business leader, Danny Huang.

The season opener included a festival atmosphere with gift vendors, families and the Dongguan Dragons Baseball Club for youths all in attendance as spectators. After a first matchup to get the day started at the Shatian Town, full-facility field, members of the almost 20 teams lined up in the outfield along the diamond for an awards ceremony recognizing the last season’s winners and stand-outs.

“The whole season [we] will play 320 to 350 games for all of the teams,” said Huang. Last year, at the end of all of those games the Shatian Sharks were crowned champions, and lifted the biggest trophy awarded on the day.

They were best on the field, but Huang attributes the league’s success to “the support from Dongguan Taiwanese Investment Association, the Dongguan league organization and the collection of all the people with passion for baseball and softball. Huang also said that interested softball fans are welcome to form a team to start in the league “right away.”