Saving Rhinos

saving rhinosStarting the week of February 17, students at the Eton House International School were educated about the global rhino poaching crisis. Organized by the Global Classroom, an international partnership of schools established in 1996, the Travelling Rhinos Project aims to raise awareness among the children of the world about the plight of rhinos. A small stuffed rhino named Zindzi travelled to Eton House to meet with the children all the way from Blackpool, England, before moving on to Russia, spending two weeks at each location. “We were so excited about having Zindzi here and learning about Rhinos and being part of the Rhino project,” said Hina Patel, curriculum leader at Eton House and a contributor for this magazine.

According to Dr. Joseph Okori, head of the WWF’s African Rhino Program, “the African rhino is under serious threat from poachers who have intensified their search of rhino for their horns since 2007, driven by growing market demands in Asia.”

“We need to create awareness by taking photos of it with the children and classes, trying to get it into local media and highlighting the plight of the rhinos,” said Patel. “We taught the students about the rhinos of the world, where they are and what they look like, told them about the dire situation the rhinos find themselves in, especially in South Africa. Explained to them what poaching is and why it happens.”