In the Local Media: March 2014

NEWSEasy Burglary The landlord of a first floor rental house in Dongcheng’s Shangsanqi Village was notified of a burglary by neighbors of an out of town tenant during the Chinese New Year. When the landlord, Mr. Zhang, watched surveillance video, he confirmed that an electric bike and a TV were taken on February 3 at 10 p.m. However, as he continued, he was surprised to find that the thief returned 12 hours later, arriving in a taxi and taking all that he could manage, including a computer and an electric drill for a total value of RMB 20,000. (

Fake, Fake Girlfriend The trial of Mrs. Wu, caught in Dongguan in July on charges of fraud, began in Jiangsu Province on February 19. Registering on dating Web sites using a false identification, Wu was hired by Mr. Wang of Jinagsu’s Xiangshui County to act as his girlfriend over the Spring Festival at RMB 500 per day and a RMB 1,000 dress. Wang’s mother, pleased by her future daughter-in-law, believed her when on the sixth day Wu said that her father was in danger and needed money. Allegedly conning RMB 80,000 from the mother, Wu disappeared until being apprehended six months later. She has reportedly confessed to other similar crimes. (

License to Steal A man stole almost 100 license plates from cars in Qingxi Town, holding them for ransom from 20 car owners to receive RMB 5,000 within two months. The thief surnamed Jiang pulled the plates bare-handed from cars and left a note with his contact number and a price for their return. Charging RMB 300, many negotiated him down to 200, according to car owners who reported the crimes to police. Police called Jiang, put money in his account and arrested him when he went to one of the three banks in the area to check the money. (

Baby Shelter An “abandoned infant island” will be built this year beside the Dongguan Social Welfare Center in Dongcheng. The facility will be a room about 10 sq. meters big equipped with children’s beds, infant incubators and an alarm which will ring ten minutes after it is initiated. Abandoned infants who are left will be taken care for by the welfare center or, if in need of medical aid, the hospital. The first infant shelter was established in Shijiazhuang City of Hebei Province in June, 2011. So far, 28 cities and regions have set up the facility. (,
Angry Doctor An argument over the release of medical documents lead to a heated fight between Mr. Huang, the son-in-law of an elderly patient, and a doctor at the Donghua Hospital. The scuffle began when Dr. Zhao refused to produce a line-item bill after the charges were RMB 3,000 higher than quoted. Tensions broke into violence after the doctor reportedly threw a file folder at Huang’s wife. As a result, Huang needed six stitches above his left eye. The doctor received a fractured finger and a suspension from the hospital. (

Repression Recession Since the February 10 crackdown on sex trade due to an undercover report finding prostitutes in Houjie, Zhongtang, Humen and Fenggang hotels, once prospering industries such as taxis, dining, shopping and house rentals have dropped dramatically. Hotels, KTVs, foot massage parlors and dance clubs were checked by police frequently or shut down totally. Some figures attributed about 10 percent of Dongguan’s 2013 GDP to the industry. (

Child Stabbing In the evening of February 19, while on her way back from a bookstore, middle school student named Su, 16, was stabbed during a robbery. During a search the victim reacted when cut on the calf by biting the thief, leading him to stab her three more times in the buttocks. After the robbers ran off with her mobile phone and RMB 100 in cash, passersby came to her assistance, calling an ambulance and Su’s father, then stopped the bleeding. The father took her in his car to the Dalang Hospital. She was released the following day. (Nanfang Metropolis Daily)

Changping Sinkhole A 40-sq. meter sinkhole appeared under Changping Avenue in Changping Town due to the construction of the Dongguan-Huizhou intercity railway. On the afternoon of February 16 at about 4:45, the road’s median sank first. About 45 minutes later, the right side of the median, taking up more than one lane, collapsed into a three-meter high hole. A blockade was quickly erected to avoid injuries. The road has sunk twice since March of last year. No casualties have been reported in either incident. The construction company said the earth under the road is very soft and full of grit. They will reevaluate the project before further construction. (