Basketball Loyalties May Be Tested in Dongguan

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Both the Guangdong Southern Tigers and the Dongguan Leopards have taken spots in the 2013-14 CBA Semi-finals, setting the stage that will finally answer the burning question of team loyalty among the city’s basketball fans, and match neighbor against neighbor. If both teams move on to the finals it will mark the first time two teams from the same city have met in the CBA championship.

Dongguan is the only city in China with two teams, but to fulfill the intercity championship the Leopards will need to upset the No. 2 ranked Xinjiang Flying Tigers. Advancing to the finals will take big games from the Leopard imports, Bobby Brown and Donte Greene along with strong perimeter defense.

Fortunately, Brown has been a scoring force this season and has brought that momentum with him into the playoffs with 35 in the quarter-final victory over the Tianjin Gold Lions, but his standout performance this year came in a 74-point game, double-overtime buzzer beater against the Sichuan Blue Whales.

The top ranked Southern Tigers, 30 and 4 on the season, are returning champions and have taken the title eight times. However, in the last playoff meeting with their opponent, Stephon Marbury‘s Beijing Ducks, the Ducks took the series 4 – 1 to win the 2012 championship.

2013-14 CBA Semi-Final Schedule
1 – Guangdong Southern Tigers vs. 4 – Beijing Ducks
Games: March 4, 6, 8, 11, 13
2 – Xinjiang Flying Tigers vs. 3 – Dongguan Leopards
Games: March 5, 7, 9, 12, 14

Tickets: Dongguan Leopards 8311 2113; Guangdong Southern Tigers 2241 4694